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Anime Character Maker 2.2



The ACM2 is a creator/generator to dress up anime characters, similar to a paper doll.

I've finally finished updating 2.0 public release of the Anime Character Maker! The game will be updated at…

The program still cannot save characters. I have no idea how to do it with Actionscript 1.0, but if I can afford to upgrade to a current Flash, I should be able to implement this. Until then, you can take screen caps with the Print Screen button on your keyboard.

To change gender, click on the pink/blue buttons next to the email address.
-Red circle button = Reset item and color.
-Dice Button = Random (use random to achieve nonstandard colors).
Beware the mass-Random options, especially if it randomizes colors. Rarely will you get good results!
What is R2? It's a more controlled random. It won't pick most armors and is far less likely to make your character look like they exploded.

You may make edits to the characters, as I understand there are limitations to the program. Heck, feel free to "frankendoll." Let your imagination go wild!

You may use the results for free projects, but if it makes money/used commercially then no, you may not. I appreciate being credited, whether mentioned by name, email, or by website.

You may download an offline version by visiting

Please note that DA does not allow users to post images made with avatar programs into your gallery. You may, however, place them into your scraps. (This seems to be poorly enforced though, and personally I don't mind where you post to)

Made a character? I'd love to see it!

2.1 - I greatly underestimated how many people would actually crop the images. I thus changed the background for easier cropping. I recommend chopping off the elbow, which centers the face.

Fixed a handful of numbering and coloring errors. Made some things easier to see (I hope).

2.2 Okay, huge edits here. Once again the background was changed to make cropping easier (far too many people still leaving the elbow in for some reason!). Added some new items here and there, retooled several colors. Fixed several bugs, such as the male hand colorization.

Biggest change is the addition of some 30-odd hairstyles for both genders. You'll have to visit… to access them (no registration or info needed, it's all free).

Oh, one last thing, if you'd like to see what others have made with the program, check out the whole enchilada over at…

Happy Generating!
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