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Soul Calibur bio by XD-385 Soul Calibur bio by XD-385
The spirit sword, Soul Calibur. Thought I'd upload a bio about the holy blade. This beauty was drawn by my good friend :iconanubic90: recently. Thanks again, friend! You really have a knack for drawing swords.:manhug:

Soul Calibur is copyright Namco

The spirit sword, Soul Calibur, was forged long ago by the Hero King, Algol, from a fairly large fragment of the cursed sword Soul Edge. Having lost his son to the evil blade, Algol traded his life for the creation of a weapon that was the polar opposite of the evil sword. But due to Algol's thirst for power at the time, Soul Calibur was virtually no different from Soul Edge in terms of nature. In order to purify the spirit sword, a mysterious tribe took the sword into their possession and steadily purified Soul Calibur until it truly became a holy weapon. This tribe was supposedly the tribe where the immortal Zasalamel originated from.

Throughout the course of history, Soul Calibur stood against Soul Edge as it was its destiny to destroy the evil blade. The spirit sword would normally stay out of sight of humanity until Soul Edge's power reached critical levels. Whenever this would happen, Soul Calibur would appear and allow itself to be wielded by whoever was combating Soul Edge at the time. Once Soul Edge had been defeated and weakened, Soul Calibur would vanish and await the opportunity to fight Soul Edge again.

Soul Calibur's most renowned wielder was likely the knight known as Siegfried Schtauffen who at one time had been a host to Soul Edge. After failing to defeat Soul Edge to atone for his crimes and for unleashing the Evil Seed, Siegfried was left on the verge of death after being caught up in the vortex that had formed while dueling the dreaded Azure Knight. Sensing Siegfried's desire to destroy Soul Edge, and knowing that it was its own destiny as well, Soul Calibur spared Siegfried and sustained his life while it remained in his possession. But it was not by Siegfried's hands that Soul Edge would be defeated. Atop the tower where Soul Calibur had been created, Siegfried arrived just in time to witness Soul Edge being shattered by a lance thrust from Hildegard von Krone, the princess of the Kingdom of Wolfkrone, which had been at odds against the cursed city of Ostrheinsburg after Soul Edge was revived following the Evil Seed. But by then, she had figured out that Siegfried was responsible for the calamity that had befallen her kingdom and that he at one time had been the Azure Knight. Siegfried thanked Hilde for bringing an end to the evil that had been borne from his actions and then requested that he be executed for his crimes. But as she raised her sword to him, Hilde explained that Siegfried had sacrificed everything he had, the love of his mother, his comrades, and even his chances of salvation in order to atone for his evil deeds. For his desire to atone, Hilde granted Siegfried a royal pardon. It is unknown what became of Siegfried after the fall of Soul Edge, but he could not cheat death forever and likely died of old age, even with Soul Calibur keeping him alive for so long. After Siegfried's death, the whereabouts of Soul Calibur became unknown.

Around 70 or 80 years after Soul Edge's defeat, Zasalamel returned to Soul Edge's remains and restored the cursed sword while forging a new body for it as part of an elaborate plot to destroy Soul Edge once and for all. Nearly 100 years later, Soul Edge faced off against Ashton Redford Crimson and succeeded in achieving its ultimate potential, the unholy abomination known as Night Terror. Sensing Soul Edge's massive power, Soul Calibur appeared in Ashton's hands in order to combat against Soul Edge. After a grueling battle, Ashton managed to destroy Night Terror by using Soul Calibur in combination with the Eternal Flame and his immensely powerful Aura.

Having fulfilled its purpose, Soul Calibur felt that it no longer had any reason to exist. But during the battle, it had peered into Ashton's soul and felt a type of attraction to him that it had never felt before. It then requested that Ashton keep it with him in order for it to serve him in battle, which Ashton agreed to. After Ashton's death at the age of 115, Soul Calibur was buried with him as it had requested to be sealed within his tomb. When Ashton was revived 500 years later, Soul Calibur was taken from his tomb and remains with Ashton to this day.

Soul Calibur's most common form is that of a one-handed sword with a blade that splits into two near the base. While in this state, most of Soul Calibur's power lies dormant while it seems to be forged of a beautiful blue metal. But even then, it displays strong resilience against the forces of darkness and fills its wielder with vitality. Few have ever been able to draw out Soul Calibur's power to its fullest. Aside from Algol, the only recorded wielders who succeeded were Siegfried Schtauffen and Ashton Redford Crimson. Soul Calibur's true form is actually composed of a bright blue crystal. Instead of a small sword, Soul Calibur takes on the form of a large two-handed sword when its power is unleashed to its fullest. There are two known variations. One is the form it usually takes on when Ashton wields it. It has a long broad blade that is somewhat thick. Another form is the form it took on when wielded by Siegfried. When it crafts a layer of crystal armor over the body of its wielder, Soul Calibur's form takes on that of a mass of crystal that looks much less like a sword that any other of its forms. While the blade is largely triangular with many gaps in it while not seeming very sharp at the sides, this form is very powerful and deadly and is on par with its other true form. Along with its great power and durability, Soul Calibur bestows miraculous healing properties upon its wielder. And when combined with the restorative properties of the Eternal Flame, it can even heal fatal injuries if the host remains still to allow itself to heal.

While Soul Edge speaks with a masculine voice in a dark and mocking tone, Soul Calibur speaks with a feminine voice in a polite and almost sage-like tone. While often referred to as an 'it', Soul Calibur has a soul of its own and is indeed female in spirit. She has difficulty understanding emotions, but is polite and cares for those who are close to her master. After ending up in the possession of Ashton Redford Crimson, she usually sleeps while in her resting state. Ashton tends to carry her around in a scabbard on the back of his hip which he keeps concealed under a cape. Soul Calibur, while usually asleep, will quickly alert Ashton to danger when she senses it approaching. While the mighty Flamberge is Ashton's primary weapon, Soul Calibur is Ashton's official sidearm. He normally does not wield Soul Calibur in battle unless he absolutely needs to. It is a rare occasion indeed when he wields her actively in combat, and even more so when he wields Soul Calibur in her true crystallized form.
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Soul Edge feasts off of souls, but what does Soul Calibur do to substain itself?
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Soul Edge doesn't need souls to stay alive. It just devours souls for more power. Soul Calibur on the other hand is a good question. Her power has even grown over time according to Olcadan's bio in Soulcalibur 3.
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Perhaps it's like a symbiot relation thing? The user grows in power and the blade feeds off that power and in turn empowers the user. A loop like cycle that steadilly grows.
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