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Silent Fang bio by XD-385 Silent Fang bio by XD-385
One of four pictures of the Blackflame Five that was drawn by my good buddy :iconjuug: a while back. To vent some frustration due to this crazy and utterly pointless copyright and pornographic nonsense that the admins have been harassing me about lately, I decided to make bios of the three remaining members of the Blackflame Five.

Drawn by :iconjuug: but given permission to upload here.:manhug: And thanks for drawing this in the first place.:glomp:

Out of the original Blackflame Six, Silent Fang was known to be one of the most dangerous and unpredictable members of the Blackflame clan. The name Silent Fang comes from the three spikes on his hands and chest. They were twice as long as usual, making them look more like fangs than claws. He also got his name from being able to take the lives of his victims without them even noticing. Out of the original Blackflame Six, it is said that Silent Fang had taken more lives than any other member.

Silent Fang was a fighter who greatly enjoyed the opportunity to kill. :stab: He was sadistic and cool-headed to the point where he made an ideal assassin. Out of the Blackflame Six, Silent Fang had the greatest agility and speed. But while he was a loyal ally to his clan and performed his duties well, it is believed that he may have been mentally unsound.:crazy: He even commented at one point that his own clan members claimed that he was 'sick in the head'.

Like all other members of the original Blackflame Six, Silent Fang could mold his Aura into a unique weapon. In his case, it was the Aura Sickles, an extension of the spikes on his hands that took on a curved shape and could be used to rip at his opponent's necks and other vulnerable spots. While he was indeed the quickest member of the Blackflame Six, Silent Fang had poor stamina and very low pain tolerance. His fighting style focused on striking quickly and then retreating before his enemy could counterattack.

In spite of his poor stamina, Silent Fang was the second last member of the Blackflame Five to die at the hands of Ash Ketchum after the Eternal Flame became active. Ironically, it was Silent Fang himself who triggered the Eternal Flame's activation when he dealt a mortal injury to Ash that would have killed him if the Eternal Flame had remained dormant. Silent Fang was killed when Ash swiftly decapitated him and crushed the upper half of his skull.
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Niverian77 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009
such a sad fate of such a twisted member...Omega is also an assasin but he won't kill anyone unless it's an assignment from the HURM (Human United Reserve Malitia) The only difference is that his aura cannot form weapons..but since he was Bioengeneered and not born of natural means..hea can hold and use more moves than the standard Lucario.
Goldenhalo Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
Good, interesting bio.
Lunis1992 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
Nice dude!
TR-Kurt Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
An awesome Lucario pic & pose! :D *faves*
Shadow-Ichigo Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
Sweet. ^^
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