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Requiem by XD-385 Requiem by XD-385
This was made as a Christmas present by my friend in Germany. :iconanubic90: Thank you, Steffen. Thank you very much. :manhug:

Gram, the sword wielded by the Norse hero, Sigurd. Despite being a mighty blade steeped in legend, the sword was somehow damaged at one point. In order to combat a demonic dragon known as Fafnir, Sigurd absolutely needed Gram to be restored. He requested that a dear friend of his take on the endeavor, a blacksmith named Regin. However, despite his experience, Regin was unable to properly forge the blade of Gram correctly due to the blade being composed of an extremely resilient alloy. Regin feared for Sigurd's life, knowing that Fafnir was by no means an ordinary dragon. Left with no other choice, the noble blacksmith made the ultimate sacrifice for his friend. The mighty Gram was made whole once again, its form slightly altered in the process. But despite having never been used in its new state, the blade was coated in blood. The blacksmith gave his life and soul so that Gram would be worthy of combat once again. Overcome with grief, Sigurd chose to rename the sword "Requiem" to mourn his friend's death. With Requiem in hand, Sigurd vanquished Fafnir and later laid the sword to rest in a cathedral somewhere in northern Europe.

The Requiem did not see combat again until sometime in the 16th century. Having heard of a means to seal away the evil sword, Soul Edge, the knight named Siegfried Schtauffen entered the cathedral that held Requiem. He then proceeded to the pedestal that held Requiem, which had an empty pedestal right next to it. Taking Soul Edge in hand, Siegfried plunged the evil sword into the unoccupied pedestal. However, Soul Edge would not allow its host to escape and forcefully resisted the sealing, somehow generating a temporary host body of its own that was nearly identical to the host body the immortal Zasalamel would craft for it years later. Now with the dreaded Azure Knight in its control, Soul Edge assaulted Siegfried. Now unarmed, Siegfried quickly yanked Requiem out of its pedestal and blocked Soul Edge's strike. Frustrated, the Azure Knight struck Requiem directly twice in quick succession, most likely in an attempt to shatter it. The attempt ended in failure, with Soul Edge only sending Siegfried flying a good distance away due to the force of the impact. The two warriors dueled fiercely, but Siegfried managed to emerge the victor. Having endured too much punishment, the body of the Azure Knight disintegrated in a burst of its own evil energy. Now too weak to put up any sort of resistance, Soul Edge was plunged into the empty pedestal, its evil power sealed away and its form taking on the color of gray stone. Now as Siegfried's only weapon, Requiem continued to serve the knight even as he clashed swords with the Masked Emperor and even the deranged court jester, Iska Farkas. However, after Soul Edge had been unsealed by Iska, Siegfried eventually became possessed by the evil sword, discarding Requiem in the process.

Requiem was later reclaimed by Siegfried during a breif escape from Soul Edge's control, and once again after permanently breaking free of the evil sword's clutches. With Requiem in hand, Siegfried embarked on a journey to dispose of Soul Edge for good while the evil sword's power was bound by Soul Calibur in a strange fusion of the two called the "Soul Embrace". In time, Siegfried came to a "lost cathedral" in an isolated location. He did not wait long as the Azure Knight, inhabited by Soul Edge's own vile soul and will, pursued him there. Wielding Requiem once agan, Siegfried dueled the cursed sword. As the two warriors clashed, the energies of the two soul swords surged from the Soul Embrace, distorting time and space within the cathedral. A maelstrom of power engulfed them, seperating the two warriors as well as disbanding the Soul Embrace. During the mayhem brought on by this sudden twist of fate, Requiem was lost.

Being a sword of legend, Requiem lives up to its reputation as a mighty blade. While a mighty sword when known as Gram, it became nigh indestructible after being reforged. Even for a zweihander, Requiem is shockingly thick, making it ideal as a defensive weapon. The Requiem hardly has a pointed tip, making it more suitable for slashing or smashing opponents with its sheer weight instead of thrust attacks. According to legend, the Requiem is even capable of splitting an anvil in twain.

As the Requiem was never seen again after Siegfried's duel with the Azure Knight at the "lost cathedral", the sword's location remains unknown.
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Neoumbreon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
cool backstory
Ultimate-Zelda-fan Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2010
juug Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010
I thought he lost that thing after he was killed. Then again there are so many version of the legend of Sigurd (Siegfried) that I could easily be confusing a spin-off with the real myth.
Snowfyre Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Pretty interesting description.
MephilestehDarkness Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010
Yay Soul Calibur! :D (Can I ask you something?)
XD-385 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2010  Student Writer
MephilestehDarkness Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2010
I want to know it you could give some critique on my recent writing. I'm trying to write again, and seeing how well you write, I just thought you could tell how good it is. [link]
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