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Christmas Girls 2 by XD-385 Christmas Girls 2 by XD-385
Yet another redition of the two lovely ladies. This time Ruby's wearing red while Lucy's in orange. This one was done by :iconnonasuomi: I'm loving this one, man!:highfive:
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NonaSuomi Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2009
I trust that since this is still up that you haven't had any trouble regarding "art theft" claims over it, perhaps helped by the fact that I haven't posted it in my own gallery.

But just in case it ever becomes a problem, I just want to put a CYA (cover your ass) disclaimer on this: The original art was done by :iconsnowfyre: and I, :iconnonasuomi: did the coloring (for this version, at least) as a gift to you :iconxd-385:. As such, I give full permission for you to post this here in your gallery, so long as it remains unedited and whatnot, and proper credit is given.

There, I hope that's what the mods are looking for, but I must say that even having to say anything like that makes me a little sick inside- they're YOUR characters, the art was a gift to you, and so was the color, so... yeah, whatever, I have neither the time nor the energy today to rant much at all, so I'll leave it at that.

Here's hoping your week starts looking up,

Masterge77 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009  Hobbyist
Lucario anthroes are awesome!
Snowfyre Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
This one's pretty clean.
NonaSuomi Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2009
Thanks, I tried to keep it as clean-looking as possible, and used your comments on the few versions already posted at the time to guide my coloring, and consequently a few last-minute changes were made for certain areas, such as Lucy's thigh and Ruby's shoulders, which I had done wrong.

It was nice work to do though, and I had fun the entire time. Thank you both to you and to Neo for giving me the opportunity to do this!
Snowfyre Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh good enough :XD: colouring lines were reasonably accurate anyway. :XD:

Happy colouring fun :XD:
lugiacollector Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
again, ruby XDXD nice legs
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January 9, 2009
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