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Ashton: Reaper Death Scythe by XD-385 Ashton: Reaper Death Scythe by XD-385
This was drawn by my good friend :iconxehta13: A very good shot, man. :hug: Due to the deletion of Ashton's ninja chart last year, I will include the same information with the same type of grid used in the official Naruto series databooks.

If there are any ninja arts I've left out (except for the most basic ones) please let me know.

The Reaper Death Seal is a fearsome summoning technique that only the bravest of shinobi would dare to use. Performing the necessary hand signs would summon not a living entity, but the very spirit of death itself. Due to the fact that the summoned creature is not alive, a sacrifice of blood is not needed. Normally, the spirit of death is visible only to the one who summons it. However, should the user offer a sacrifice of blood, the spirit of death will become visible to all, making it an effective means to intimidate or terrify the enemy, thus increasing the success rate of the sealing. The primary means of the Reaper Death Seal is for the user to extract the soul of the enemy, which is then devoured by the spirit of death itself. Upon successfully sealing the enemy's soul, the user of the jutsu is branded with a black seal on the abdomen. However, the cost of the jutsu is great as the soul of the sealer is devoured as well, ending its life and locking it in an eternal cycle of hatred with the sealed enemy, forever ending the chance of obtaining a peaceful afterlife.

The spirit of death initially takes on the form the people of the Far East see it as. The death god, Shinigami. However, as death is universal, the spirit of death can change form depending on the summoner's will, ranging from the Grim Reaper, to Shiva, to Anubis.

Along with performing the basic Reaper Death Seal, there is a more advanced variation of the jutsu where the user wields the power of death in its own hands. The first person to perform this feat was Ashton Redford Crimson during his epic duel against the revived Yamata no Orochi. In an attempt to acquire enough power to rival that of the dreaded serpent, Ashton had the spirit of death shift forms, from that of Shinigami to the form of the Grim Reaper. During the process, Shinigami's small tanto sword became the reaper's scythe, known as Thanatos. Ashton then took the death scythe in hand, literally holding the power of death in his very palm. As if to further emphasize his control over the powers of death, his wings of rainbow flames became completely solid while covered in black feathers, lending him the visage of a raven.

Taking the power of death in ones hands grants the user the ability to perform feats that only death itself could do. One such action is to open a rift to Oblivion, allowing the user to send the soul of the enemy straight into a foul realm of despair where salvation is absolutely impossible, even by the most supernatural means. However, the cost of of this technique remains the same as the basic Reaper Death Seal. The user's soul is devoured by the spirit of death once the deed is done, ending the summoner's life. The only thing that spared Ashton from this fate was the tearful intervention of his eight servants, who miraculously persuaded the spirit of death to spare him.

As he took the Grim Reaper's scythe in hand to carry out the jutsu, Ashton named this modified technique the Reaper Death Scythe.

Ninja stats for Ashton

Ninjutsu - 4.5
Taijutsu - 3
Genjutsu - 1.5
Intelligence - 3.5
Strength - 3
Speed - 4 *aided by training in heavy plate armor*
Stamina - 3.5
Hand signs (Chakra Control efficiency) - 4
Total - 27 (Same level as Neji Hyuga)

Chakra Affinity - Earth

Ninja techniques (At present)

Non elemental ninjutsu

Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: Piercing Fang
Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: All Fours Jutsu
Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu
Dead Soul Jutsu


Demonic Illusion: Death Mirage Jutsu

Fire ninjutsu

Grand Fireball
Phoenix Flower
Dragon Flame Bombs
Dragon Flame Jutsu
Inferno Dragon Cyclone
Fire Clone
Ember Dart

Water ninjutsu

Water Wall
Giant Vortex
Tidal Surge

Earth ninjutsu

Terra Shield
Dark Swamp
Mud Wall
Headhunter Jutsu
Earth Dragon Bomb
Subterranean Cataclysm

Wind ninjutsu (With aid of large flat tool)

Wind Scythe
Cyclone Scythe

Lightning ninjutsu

None. Chakra affinity incompatible.

Soul Release (utilizes Soul Calibur's holy energy)

Healing Winds
Heaven's Spear
Crystal Guardian

Magma Release (utilizes preexisting lava)

Magma Bomb
Molten Leviathan

Eternal Flame techniques

Phoenix Maelstrom
Crimson Blossom
Rain of Burning Steel

Forbidden Jutsu

Reaper Death Seal
Reaper Death Scythe
Eight Inner Gates (first through third gates only. Third gate use restricted due to lack of nindo)
Primary Lotus
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