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blue hair again xD

blue hair nr 4 xD
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You're so cute. <3
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Where did you get that bright blue? Whut brand is it? o: :3
MizzyTween101's avatar
OuO I have blue hair too <3
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What hair dye do you use on the blue? I'm thinking of going blue. Right now my hair is purple, and i have had bright red before. But i have changed from loving the purple, to hating it. XD
caysy-kun's avatar
you have no idea how jealous i am of you right now! i hate my curly hair! i can't style it worth a crap!
Turdles-Rule's avatar
BLUE :D :D :D :D :D :D.....and pink ^_^
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Is there blue dye that is not permanent and it doesn't damage your hair. I want to find some that will last 3 months and its electric blue. Please help me.
..(8~p) beautiful young lady.
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Looove your hair sooo much.
I'm going into an art high school next year and nobody I know is going there (except for one person I used to know in grade 6 but don't even talk to so like...)
All different colours :D
And I was asking my parents if I dyed it one whole colour what would be best for me? And they said pink and blue o3o
This kinda blue I'm hoping I love it
And I looked it up to see how it wud look and all and saw urs and it rocks >w<
I like the different colours too (but that will probably come later in the year...)
I'm so excited to dye my hair... >w<
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wow I want ur hair! :D
zlifeforme's avatar
too cute! :meow: Love the colors!!
Aelitafan1000's avatar
i dyed my hair that same color before and now it looks like a really dark green
SpaceOrk's avatar
fckn beautiful :):)^^
funny shot anyway :D
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I've been wanting to dye my hair like the same color can you help me out and tell me what you used? :heart:
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omg, that rocks. luv it. with the pink in it looks like coton candy XD
pocketXsizedXchica's avatar
i could never pull that off...i absolutely love your hair!!
plaidlightbulb's avatar
You're adorable! I "collected" this pic for haircolor inspiration :)
paperbackbook385's avatar
You have been featured my dear.
--> [link] <--
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lol your hair reminds me of cotten candy
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