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Mist-Covered Mountains - 1st draft
There shall I see the place of my birth
They’ll give me a welcome, the warmest on Earth,
So loving and kind, full of music and mirth
In the sweet-sounding language of Home.
He ro soon shall I see them oh he ro,
See them, I’ll see them he ro,
Soon shall I see them
The mist-covered mountains of Home..

I glance up from my weary feet, checking the distance. Were those great grey silhouettes the mountains I had been yearning to spot for those many months of travelling?
Were they the landmarks of my birth? Feeling my pace quicken in excitement, I blink once, twice, to make sure they were not just another hallucination.
Still there.
I let my wind wander as my feet tread steadily through the grassy plains. My thoughts linger at the last night I spent sheltered by those stony walls; the fire flickering bright against the velvet indigo of the sky dotted with tiny white pinheads of stars.
The songs we had sung out of tradition to wish my companions and myself luck; that our nav
:iconxcubx:XcubX 2 0
The War, Part 4
The light of the sun was a misty, weak light that shone with the remnants of the previous winter. The air was neither cool nor warm, but a slight cooling breeze made itself apparent, the red and gold-embroidered flags waving gently, the nearby trees rustling. I found Taroq in the weapons tent, polishing his favoured two-handed sword. I made my presence known with a slight cough and he bowed his head in reply. I walked over to him, resting a hand lightly on his shoulder, a small smile on my lips.
I had kept my eye on the fellow Captain as soon as I had met him; I had always felt a flutter in the pit of my stomach whenever my eyes met his. I realised my feelings for him were a weakness; something that I could be susceptible to if something happened to him. I had to ensure his safety, for the wellbeing of not just him, not out of my selfishness, but for the wellbeing of the General’s army; I knew I was a dangerous person when angry. My younger past was a constant reminder. I looked
:iconxcubx:XcubX 0 0
Yogscast - Sjin Portrait by XcubX Yogscast - Sjin Portrait :iconxcubx:XcubX 1 3 Colours - Drawing, B+W by XcubX Colours - Drawing, B+W :iconxcubx:XcubX 1 5 Hamster on the Hand by XcubX Hamster on the Hand :iconxcubx:XcubX 4 6 1 Year Brony Anniversary! by XcubX 1 Year Brony Anniversary! :iconxcubx:XcubX 7 3
The War, Part 3
When dawn struck, announcing the first day, the beginning of the end, there was a strange spark of electricity in the air. Honestly, I wasn't sure if the spark was given off by me or the tension in the air, but the wind was deathly still, everyone soundless.
Everybody seemed to work in silence, no one wanting to break the peace, though we were about to go to war. I had gone over the plan a thousand times; making sure everyone was properly equipped and knew what they were doing, the General checking over our shoulders and reviewing our work.
Our weapons were sharpened, spirits lifted, worries lessened, skills reviewed, and various questions answered.
I was confident. I was certain we would prove victorious; we had endured the coldest of winters, the hottest of summers, and trekked through miles of seemingly endless desert, humid jungles, hilly plains, and blizzard-prone mountains.
We had suffered through terrible illnesses, most of us recovering to live another day, the weaker few unabl
:iconxcubx:XcubX 0 2
The War, Part 2
It begun at the start, like everything does. There was an upcoming epidemic, a rumour that two sides were coming together to battle. People were enrolled from all four corners of the globe, thousands more illegally signing up to get in on the action.
I ended up joining them for the training, more out of boredom than the actual want to fight.
But a few weeks after joining, I realised this was something bigger than just some game. I realised this really was serious, and I found out that neither side were going to opt out anytime soon.
I was sucked into a new world, my mind being reformed by opinions, training to strengthen our body, mind and spirit.
I ascended the ranks, becoming more of an individual than just part of a body. I was shy at first, only speaking to whoever addressed me, never speaking out of turn and keeping my own witty comments to myself.
But, when I began to gain friends, I opened up, showing a warmer, friendlier side to my cold and isolated first impression. With frien
:iconxcubx:XcubX 0 0
The War, Part 1
I was in the War.
I was a warrior, a Captain. I assisted the General in ways toward victory. I served him well, defending his life with my own.
I stood proud for many years as the preparation began, training night and day, learning new skills, sizing each other up, learning our strengths and weaknesses. I remember singing songs by the fire on cold evenings, a true heartfelt friendship for everyone I was surrounded by.  There were good and bad memories, as there always will be.
There were four of us. Four Captains, each leading their own part of the war to triumph, doing whatever they could to ensure a victory.
There was Bessef. She was a firm and loyal fighter, having a strong sense of justice. She took charge of reinforcements and plans of action if there was a problem. She consistently brought supplies that got us through the harsh nights.
There was Dhacal. He was the oldest, and had more experience than we did. He was a man of small stature but a strong spirit, never qui
:iconxcubx:XcubX 0 3
In one direction, there is reality. There is logic, theories and evolution. There is a simple complexity, like a shallow pool with deep water. 
There is fact.
But there are ways we can escape by falling out of this world and into another.
This is imagination. This is creativity, originality and fantasy. There is an endless world filled with secrets, a treasure trove of wonders. 
There is fiction.
There are ways to link back to reality, though the link has to be strong. You progress in your mind. Not in your body.
I am stuck between both worlds. I am at the crossroads; unable to decide the path to take.
I do not want to lose myself in fantasy, but I cannot abandon their world and deny their existence. I have a life there, I am a being there. I have friends, family, allies and foes. I can’t leave them, not now. Not now all this has started…
But my life also exists in reality. What about those friends and family, those allies and foes? What about
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Chapter 10. Sowing the Seeds
Alice’s mind went blank. She felt like she was floating in complete empty darkness. She couldn’t see; couldn’t hear; couldn’t touch. She was enveloped in obscurity, just blank space leading on to forever.
When suddenly, there was pain. An excruciating, head-reeling blast of absolute agony. It hurt her physically and mentally, all the bones in her body seeming to pulsate, matching the rate her heart was beating. It sounded like a bass drum throbbing in her ears, blocking any other noises around her. She blasted out a fully terrified and threatened scream, her eyes watering in pain. She felt constricted, her throat tightening at the terror of being in a completely hopeless situation where she was a nonentity.
When suddenly, there was light. A single pinprick of welcome, bright white-green light. Alice’s eyes locked onto it, her heart lifting at the sight of hope. She felt herself travel towards it, the opening getting bigger and bigger every second. She begu
:iconxcubx:XcubX 7 23
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Hello everyone :D im Alice, also known as Cubby, Peppercorn, Lightfast, or any of my major OC names :P i was looking for a place to upload my art and i stumbled upon :devart: and it was the best thing i did :)
Deviant since 23rd August 2010

I work primarily in traditional media:
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:bulletblue: Just the regular A4 printer paper :love:
:bulletblue: Sometimes I work in wet medias like coffee, watercolour, watercolour pencils, and acrylic
:bulletblue: I enjoy drawing animals; wolves, ponies, dragons among others are my favourite creatures to draw
:bulletblue: I can not draw humans to save my life, and i don't mind being that way
:bulletblue: Sometimes i use Microsoft Paint, Sumo Paint and occasionally Photoshop, but i find tradtional a lot easier to work with

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Hello everyone! Haven't journaled for a while, so I thought I should :)

~ Overdue art is overdue. I'm really sorry for being so late with my arts. I've been busy recently so I haven't had that much time. If you have art due from me, can you let me know? I shouldn't have, but in case I've forgotten :S

~ Stories. I'm back into writing at the moment, so you may be getting a load of literature from me :)
For my story, which is currently and temporarily named Carved in End Stone needs a title. At the moment, we've got it down to 3 - Asterisk, Proximity or Carved in End Stone. Both of us like all 3 of them so we can't choose! ^^; any thoughts?

~ I'm addicted to Jaffa Cakes. I had, I think a weeks worth of calories on Jaffa Cakes in a couple of days :S should I be worried?

~ Also, should I draw another Yogscast portrait? It was fun, so I'd like to. If so, who? Martyn's next, whatever you guys say XD

~ Follow me on Twitter!

Alrighty, that's all I can think of at the moment, so see you guys later!



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