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Let the sculpting commence, and the Chimera come into being!!! Muahaha! :D

Pictures to come soon; too tired tonight... n_n
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Whoa; it's been a while!

Still taking commissions, guys, but now I have other news to share;

I'm doing a project in which I recreate creatures that people have dreamed as figurines. I need 25 in all (though I can do more than one of each) but would really love to get a lot of responses on this one! Whatever happens, I'll be posting pictures here; because I'm going to be selling them at the end of the year.

Offers on unsold pieces are welcome! Plus, I'm going to try and make casts of all of them, in case one or more turn out to be super popular (plus I may want to keep some of them!) =D So I'll keep you posted!

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Hi, peoples! Thanks to my finally getting used to my college schedule, along with my increasing viewers, i have decided to start offering commissions.

Pieces will range anywhere from a black and white computer sketch to an acrylic painting.... the price, obviously, will go up depending on the assignment, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

To anyone interested; feel free to leave a note, I check almost everyday so I'll be able to reply asap.

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Changed my ID. Because I felt like it.

Cambio mi ID. Porque me qierio.
An Announcement!!!

All future submissions will have both english and spanish Artist Comments.

This is for two reasons: the first is for practice (so anyone more familiar with the language is welcome to correct my grammar and spelling), and the second is so that spanish speakers (mainly my relatives, but also for any other interested parties) can read them.