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For Aluinn

So I finished another one :D This one is for , of her characters Aluinn and Dole. AREN'T THEY BADORABLE? I LOVE THEM. Seriously though, I don't know how Alu does it - Dole's colors just would NOT blend right for me D: so he didn't exactly turn out just right. Perhaps if she gave me some pointers, I could edit him to perfection!

Anyways, I do hope you like it, sweetheart! You deserve it :heart: :glomp:

Dole and Aluinn belong to
Pikshur belongs to myself.
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love it, I love their emotions, really nice job ^_^
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Thanks! I'm really proud of this one :heart:
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Great sketch! The poses are awesome. :D
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i love how u did this paws <33
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hee thank you sweetie! :heart:
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OMIGOD!! very prettyful!
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Fweee, awesome chica.

Excellent posing, absolutely gorgeous characters, love the expressions, and that bearface is waytoocuteforwords. :heart::heart:
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thank you darling! I had to watch brother bear umpteenbillion times to get any kind of a feel for the expressions and furfolds :B
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It looks absolutely frabjous, daaahlink.

And I was amazed to find that Brother Bear 2 was actually rather good. <3 Score one for Disney.
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wow, really? I never even intended to watch brother bear 2....or bambi 2...or pretty much any of the recent flood of disney sequels...i'm jaded ever since tlk2 came out and was...well...I'll say this: It looks as though it were drawn by a group of fan artists :\ toy story 2, however, was awesome. that's like, the only one they've ever really gotten right (that I've seen anyway) lol :heart:
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I know! And it made Simba out to be such a bad father, I was disappointed. And I know enough about real lion politics to choke inside every time I see the marriage ceremony in there. *chortles*

And I've seen many a fan artist who draws better than that movie was done.

And yes, Toy Story 2 WAS awesome. I was really surprised, but I enjoyed it a lot. Brother Bear 1 wasn't my favorite movie, but Brother Bear 2 was definitely on par with it, if not a little nicer since he wasn't sort of deceiving the baby bear the whole time. =]
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YES. Simba became LAME. He was a total douchebag through the whole movie, and Nala proves that once a lioness has had cubs, she can no longer open her eyes all the way :P

Dude, Toy Story 2 made me cry. It was so freakin sad when she sang that song about her little girl and and and...I still tear up whenever I watch it to this day. They're making a TS3 which Buzz gets recalled to the manufacturers in Japan and the others try to save him. Um...I'm not holding high hopes for it :P
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*laughs* OHMAHGAWD, the no longer opening her eyes all the way thing made me snorfle with laughter. You are so right!

Steven won't let me play that song on my playlist because it's too sad.
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I mean, Sarabi can't seem to do it in the first movie unless she gets like rly mad, so it only makes sense that all mother lionesses do not retain the ability to open their eyes wide :B

I agree with Steven. It is indeed too sad :P Zach just laughs at me because I cry over cartoons lol :heart:
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OMGScghv A BEAR OH :heart: <33 :;
His FLUFFY NECK omdhfdhb :heart: O_O
I ADORE IT htiw all my heart :heart: <33333
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Thank you sweeeetieeee :D :glomp: :heart:
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:excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited:
Teh pose is SO POIFECT! Wish Alu being so like *cuddle* and Dole like *blushez*
Wow, girly, this is brilliant! :glomp: Seriously gorgeous!! TEE I absolutely adore Dole's expression :faint: it's perfect! And the ribbon :bounce: Wow I keep looking and keep finding more tiny little details I adore!
:glomp: :love: :heart: :hug:
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Haha I LOFF JOO. *glompslobbers* I'm so glad you like! :heart: :glomp: :love:
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Thank you sweetums! :heart:
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