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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2011, 9:33 PM
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Hello, Kindly folk,
Because you obviously have to know, I have realized the reason i find it so hard to write with my calligraphy nibs is that they are rusted.
Yes, rusted. One might wonder why that was not obvious to me at once.  One could also shut up and let me continue
Right. So, upon a visit to Brattleboro, VT's wonderful art shop, i return with spiffy nibs, a bottle of ink, and smooth, silky, strong-yet-supple paper.
So excited. Now, on to using the materials, and sharpening my skills....

Also i went to ConnectiCon and stuff, which was wonderful and stuff. aside from the reguluar con-goings,
I really enjoyed jamming with everyone at the circles & cyphers,
There's nothing to give one's ego a boost quite like getting called out by strangers.
Once at the rave- I got my arse kicked, and once outside, by people who wanted to see "Guy In The Hat" (not really a call-out, but i dunno what else to call it)
The last day, outside, I dropped my cellphone every time, and knocked my new clock-innards necklace loose- Now i can make the little gears spin! :D
Much has changed, I feel comfortable to be known as a Bboy now, to be one.

I remember last year, getting into a 3Vs3 with Bboy Dragon & Fedora-Poppin'-Dude-who's-name- eludes-me, meeting Grimjohn et. al,
seeing people dance & break spur-of-the-music... It's given me a different view of things. Y'all are awesome.

P.S. "Y'all" is quite handy to use, don't you think?

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OliKan Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011   General Artist
lol, one could also shut up and let me continue! XD
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August 6, 2011