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I need things to write. It struck me when browsing ::icondeviantartsecret:: that I need new things to write, more things to write.

Calligraphy is my hobby. Yet much as I love to write, I oft find myself at a loss. Reluctant to set up the tools. Unsure what to write. Yet I wish to improve.
So I would ask of you: Give me something, anything you wish. Be it a poem, a verse, some of your thoughts you wish transcribed in ink- I shall put pen to paper and post the results or possibly send you the result, If you so desire. If you have any preference as to font used, colour if ink & paper, writing instrument, do not hesitate to ask.

Examples of my writing may be found here:
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That awkward moment when you are struck by a sudden rush of ForeverAlone :iconorzplz:
And then someone tells you that you can't even pass it off as Teen Angst anymore.
I still have a little time to be an arse, right?!

In other news, I like this song :)…
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So yeah. It's coming. Time to get ready, check your pens and notebooks, Make sure your computer is running smoothly, get your backup system set up, etc.  Who's doing this?

In other news, I watched the 3 1/2HR Nyancat all the way through.
And hit replay.

Fancy New Toys

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2011, 9:33 PM
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Hello, Kindly folk,
Because you obviously have to know, I have realized the reason i find it so hard to write with my calligraphy nibs is that they are rusted.
Yes, rusted. One might wonder why that was not obvious to me at once.  One could also shut up and let me continue
Right. So, upon a visit to Brattleboro, VT's wonderful art shop, i return with spiffy nibs, a bottle of ink, and smooth, silky, strong-yet-supple paper.
So excited. Now, on to using the materials, and sharpening my skills....

Also i went to ConnectiCon and stuff, which was wonderful and stuff. aside from the reguluar con-goings,
I really enjoyed jamming with everyone at the circles & cyphers,
There's nothing to give one's ego a boost quite like getting called out by strangers.
Once at the rave- I got my arse kicked, and once outside, by people who wanted to see "Guy In The Hat" (not really a call-out, but i dunno what else to call it)
The last day, outside, I dropped my cellphone every time, and knocked my new clock-innards necklace loose- Now i can make the little gears spin! :D
Much has changed, I feel comfortable to be known as a Bboy now, to be one.

I remember last year, getting into a 3Vs3 with Bboy Dragon & Fedora-Poppin'-Dude-who's-name- eludes-me, meeting Grimjohn et. al,
seeing people dance & break spur-of-the-music... It's given me a different view of things. Y'all are awesome.

P.S. "Y'all" is quite handy to use, don't you think?

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When people asked me "What do you want to be when you grow up"
I'd always say
"I don't know"
Things i thought about then,
that I remember now:

Kite Flyer
To name a few.
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Of Doom and Fries: Dark powers and deep fries don't mix. It's not an old cliché, I know, but i try to stay innovative like that. Makes things more interesting. It had started out a rainy day, the kind that's supposed to be evil-free, unlike the sunny days, which usually end with people getting shot, killed, or cats, not that the last one is unpleasant, but the treatment you get usually is around these parts. But i digress.

As i was saying, it looked to be a decently boring  day, until some idiot dropped an Ancient Evil Artifact (or an AEA) into the deep frier. One of those situations where you'd think the fellow would barely have time to say "OH SHI-" before being incinerated. Not the case.
What did happen was that the kid working the frier had bought a cool old bracelet secondhand,
a bracelet that just so happened to have been used for binding demons, wouldent you know it.
2.50 too, old brass and leather, a hundred demons all merging from being crammed into the small charms, fusing into a hive mind, full of loathing at being sold for such a low price....
well, maybe not, but probably. I would be rather peeved at being sold for 2.50 myself.

But this kid, he's working the deep frier, right? and old leather being old leather, cracks and dumps itself into the frier. Without him noticing. Or maybe he doesn't want to notice.
As luck would have it, hot oil
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A little list of songs.

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The Funky 4 + 1 - Rapping And Rocking The House [Hip-Hop]…

Brian Setzer - Rock This Town (Live) ‎[Rockabilly]…

The Apples - Killing (RATM Cover) [Funk]…

Boogie Woogie Jubilee 2007…

Vertical Tango…

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DJ Shadow - In/Flux [Trip-Hop]…

Cinephile - Somewhere Nowhere [Trip-Hop]…

Tetrastar - You…

je t'aime (CornerSounds) by graciellita…

Hiatus by Amanda Cottreau…

Endless Blue - Fever…

Thomas Bergersen - Merchant Prince…

Unkle - Lonely Soul [hip-hop/trip-hop]…

In-Grid - In-Tango [Pop/Tango]…

Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang…
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The smoke clears, leaving him untouched. Him and his smug grin in his pinstripe suit, pristine as usual, with his fedora that must be cemented into place and coated with teflon.
Really, I don't know what to do about him. One can only tolerate so much. The girl at my bed was the last straw. I enjoy my sleep, without Tortured-Past-Girl showing up and bloodying up the floor every night.
It took me  three hours before she left me in peace. Three hours of listening to her talk about her life of woe, her cruel and unjust death, and how everyone believed the stupid girls who brought about her death. So much for leaving psychiatry.
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After seriously considering making a DA account, I decided to. THEN I realized the computer auto-filled a username. And i remembered the pass. Apparently i've had a DA for four years. Oh well, i'll post stuff this time 'round.
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