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We Remember

We remember the day America cried
They day when I, being so young, knew not what to think of the situation before me.
The day when thousands lost their lives
The day others risked theirs for so many others
The day we came together as one

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:iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3:This  is out of this world AWESOME! :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3: :iconspotlightplz:
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are you one of nancees friends
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That's great so am I I even go to school with her, lol!
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9/11 </3

I'll make sure I pray to the ones lost by this very incident tonight.

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And thank the ones who saved lives <3
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Very beautiful work.


Although I am from Finland, 9/11 had a bigger impact on my life than it had on most of the Finnish people. I used to livr in Baltimore back then, and there between the attacks people thought a war had started.


I didn't suffer any personal loss there or experience anything frightening - I was 4yo - but in retrospect it has upset me when I properly realized what had happened so close to us. The thoughts of a girl across the seas might not mean a lot to Americans whose lives were changed forever, but I felt like saying something since nobody around my home town really can relate to my confused feelings.


All my sympathies to everyone who lost their loved one(s). I hope their own lives have still managed to continue. <3

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I do understand completely.  Not only did this unite fellow Americans but the rest of the world as well.  As I didn't suffer any personal losses either I did and still do feel that this surreal event is just to unreal to be true.  But I accept the fact that it did.
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Never forget what we can not forgive.
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This is beautiful, and extremely touching.  :iconamericanflagplz:
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yes. I made one as well I'll post it here
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