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(TGB) Snowdrop Application- Kitten Tryout by xCinderfrostx (TGB) Snowdrop Application- Kitten Tryout by xCinderfrostx
 //EDIT: Fixed a little mistake on her app. She's all good now!
//AAhhhh I managed to finish in time! Here she is, the sweet little girl- I love her so much.
Now, I wait in agony...


:icontgb-lighttribe: :iconthe-golden-butterfly: :icontgb-lighttribe:

{Basic Information}

True-Name: ...
  Meaning of True-Name: ...
Kit-Name: Snowdrop
  Meaning of Kit-Name: She was named for her soft, snow-white colored pelt.
   ☙ Snow
   ☙ idk give her some pls
Age: 0-6 Moons (Kitten)
Current Age: well she's not born yet haha
Birth-Season: Autumn (unless it changes idk)
Gender: Female/She-Cat
  Gender-Pronouns: Her/She/Etc.
   ☙ Turkish Angora- Long, Silky Fur/Long, Slender Frame

{Tribal Information}

Tribe: Light-Tribe
Birth/Former Tribe: Light-Tribe
Rank: Kitten
Profession: ...
Tattoo: ...
Ability: ...
Skills: ...

Signature Move: N/A
Soulbond: N/A
Mentor: N/A
   Past Mentor(s): N/A
Apprentice: N/A
   Past Apprentice(s): N/A

{Appearance/Physical Traits}

Written Appearance: Snowdrop is the spitting image of her father, Baldr. Her pelt is completely snow-white, hence her name. Her pale-colored skin is visible at various points, particularly around her ear-tips, nose, and paws. She has a pair of large, pointed ears, a short, somewhat-narrow muzzle, all topped with a tiny, pale-pink nose. The unqiue thing about Snow is her pale-blue eye-color with redish-pinkish pupils. She receives this trait from Baldr, having inherited his albinism.
Body-Type/Build: Snowdrop, like her biological father, is somewhat smaller than the average kitten. And, quite like her "Auntie Dess", she has a nice pair of long legs, perfect for running and climbing. Right now, they're covered in kitten-chub, but they'll grow to be lean-muscled as she uses them more. Her frame, overall, is rather long and slender, and she certainly won't be lacking in any sort of elegance and grace when she becomes older. But for now, she's a somewhat-scrawny, clumsy little thing.
  Height: 6 In.
  Length: 10.5 In.
  Weight: 4 Lbs. (1.81437 Kg.)
Fur-Length/Texture: It's safe to say that Snowdrop isn't lacking in fur. The majority of her body is covered in kitten-soft, medium-length fur, while her chest, haunches, and tail are very long-furred and fluffy. It's likely that her fur will grow more wispy and silky as she ages, similiar to her biological father. Her head-fur is especially long, growing into a thick, fluffy curls atop her crown. She's kept very well-groomed, by both herself and her family, and thus her pelt stays relatively clean and unmatted.
Scars: N/A
Disabilities: Due to her body's inability to produce melanin, a pigment that provides hair, skin, and eyes their natural color, Snowdrop's eyes and skin are very light-sensitive. Direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to it can be harmful to her vision and potentially destructive to her skin. Thus, she often can't stay in contact with direct sunlight for extended periods of time. It's a shame, considered how much she adores nature. In addition, she has somewhat poor eye-sight, as well, resulting in her clumsy nature. She's also very prone to sickness, especially during the colder seasons.
Unique Physical Features: Snowdrop is afflicted with albinism, a condition inherited from her father, in which her body's lack of melanin results in her fur, skin, and eyes appearing pale and unpigmented. Her eyes, especially, are a defining trait. Unlike her father, who's eyes are a pale, redish-pinkish hue, Snow's eyes are a very light-blue with redish-pinkish pupils. And, of course, she has some particularly long, curly fur atop her head.
Accessories: N/A
Scent: Snowdrop's scent is very sweet and kitten-like. It's a mixture of the scent of milk, moss, her daddies, and her aunt, Odessa. As she grows older, her own scent will become much more defined, but for now, she smells like home and like her family.
Voice: Snowdrop's voice is very gentle and feminine, while still sounding young and cheerful. It's generally higher-pitched, and she doesn't often raise it very high in volume, except for when she's extremely excited. When she's nervous or afraid, her voice will grow very, very soft, becoming an almost inaudible whisper. And she doesn't tend to stutter, unless she's speaking in front of a very large crowd.

{Personality- INFJ}

        Bullet; Green Positive Traits- [Compassionate | Forgiving | Sweet ]
        Bullet; Yellow Neutral Traits- [Tolerant | Shy | Trusting]
        Bullet; Red Negative Traits- [Timid | Clumsy | Envious]

    Bullet; Green Compassionate - Snowdrop, though she's a rather small kitten, has a very, very big heart. She cares for all living things, from the tallest tree to the tiniest pillbug. She believes that every little aspect of nature is beautiful, especially flowers. In fact, it's very possible that she would simply burst into tears if she happened to accidentally trod on a little sproutling. She does everything in her power to help others, rather than harm them. She hates watching others quarrel, or seeing them injured or saddened—she gets visibly upset when she happens to see these. She'll go out of her way to comfort these cats, regardless of who they are. She's shy, but she has no problem approaching someone if it's to cheer them up. She especially adores her family, and, of course, the fact that she has such a large one. In fact, having all of those older siblings almost makes up for the fact that she was the only kitten born in her litter.

    Bullet; Green Forgiving - At times, Snowdrop can seem quite sensitive. In reality, however, she allows most things to simply slide off of her back, as easy as water slips off of duck-feathers. Truthfully, this is partly because she couldn't be bothered to hold any sort of grudge, as she believes that putting in the effort to stay angry only worsens your own unhappiness. Thus, she's very forgiving, especially of minor defenses. That isn't to say that she won't begin to dislike any cat that's been picking on her, but simply that she won't actively make her feelings known to said cat. In fact, she's rather passive when it comes to quarrels, preferring to talk out her problems in a civilized manner, rather than resort to violence. That being said, she actually prefers not to become involved in quarrels at all. And while, of course, some offenses may seem far too severe for forgiveness, Snow's a believer in second-chances, and she may just find it in her heart to look beyond even the lowest of crimes.

    Bullet; Green Sweet - Snowdrop's as sweet as kittens can come. She's always willing to help others, whether that includes providing a listening ear to any cat that's in need of one, or sitting beside them and simply allowing her presence alone to provide comfort. The truth is, it doesn't matter; she's there for you if you need her. That is, of course, (if you're new to her) after she gets over her initial shyness. She was brought up to show respect to everyone, regardless of their age, rank, or tribe. She strives to be a positive influence on other's lives, and thus she'll show kindness and general politeness to all felines of the tribelands, even if they don't particularly deserve it.

    Bullet; Yellow Tolerant - Given her forgiving nature, Snowdrop doesn't get angry often. She usually, if anything, can grow irritated, but then will take a breath and put the feeling behind her, allowing her to continue moving forward. She hardly ever lashes out, nor does she snap or use any sort of sarcasm. This, of course, could change as she ages, but for now, she's a sweet, innocent thing. The thing is, Snow can often be, perhaps, a little too tolerant. For instance, if some cats were to pick on her, she'd probably just smile and laugh uneasily along with them, even if her feelings really were hurt. She tries to be not to allow anything to bother her, so she can be strong, like her father, Rookson. Of course, there's only so much a little kitten can take. After all, she's really bottling up her feelings, if anything. It's hard to let some things go, regardless of how hard she tries.

    Bullet; Yellow Shy - Despite her sweet disposition towards just about every cat she meets, initially, Snowdrop's rather shy. This trait seems to disappear almost completely when she's around her family, or in a situation or setting that she's familiar and comfortable with, but when it comes to meeting new faces, she quickly loses any aspect of her playful, cheerful personality. She grows very, very quiet and reserved, speaking only when spoken to, and often hiding behind one of her fathers (one can usually find a pair of round, blue-pinkish eyes peeking timidly out from behind her fathers' legs). But, once she warms up to you, you'll have a very sweet, supportive friend on your side.

    Bullet; Yellow Trusting - Though it can take some time to get her out of her shell, once she's gotten to know you, Snowdrop's very, very trusting. And, she can be rather talkative, too, when she's with cats she knows and trusts, particularly her family. She'll share almost anything with you, from her sudden thoughts to the deepest desires of her heart. It's almost as if she has no filter once something sets off her mouth. Of course, a subtle nudge or sharp glance from her parents can quickly remind her to close her mouth. However, her trusting nature leaves her vulnerable to being manipulated or exploited, if she were to trust the sort of cat.

    Bullet; Red Timid - Snowdrop really isn't the bravest kitten. In fact, it's rare to find something that doesn't frighten her; unfamiliar cats and places, storms, the dark, "night-noises", large insects (especially spiders, even though they technically aren't insects), scary stories—the list can go on, honestly. It's hard to say why she has all of these fears, considering the pair of very protective fathers and masses of older siblings she has to watch over her. However, she'll be alright once she's in the presence of her daddies or aunt again, snuggled into Rookson's fluffy pelt or winding around Baldr's legs or tucked away against Odessa's belly, but otherwise, she'll often shrink when she's afraid, rolling into a tiny, terrified ball of white fluff. It's more than likely that she'll grow out of this, but for now, she's a little kitten facing a big, scary world.

    Bullet; Red Clumsy - Due to her genetics, Snowdrop has somewhat poor eyesight. Her vision isn't nearly as bad as Baldr's, but that doesn't stop her from occassionally stumbling into something, be it a tree, or another cat. It's unclear whether her eyesight will improve or worsen as she ages, and she finds that, when in contact with bright sunlight, her eyes can grow irriated and her vision can worsen. And, of course, it doesn't help that she also possesses some kitten-chubbiness, making her rather ungraceful as of right now. She gets very embarrassed when she publicly crashes into something, and she'll apologize profusely when that "something" happens to be another cat.

    Bullet; Red Envious - Contrary to her easy-going, sweet nature, Snowdrop's very easily jealous. She was the only kitten born in her litter; that made her special, and her entire family seemed to recognize that. She really, really loves her family, and, perhaps even more so, she likes receiving love from them. This especially applies to her fathers and older siblings, after all, she is a bit used to be spoiled by them. But, despite all of the attention she receives as it is, Snow never seems to have enough. So, when she happens to see another cat receiving attention that she believes should be focused on herself, she can very easily feel hurt and ignored, and will often go off somewhere to pout until someone discovers her or she simply gets distracted and forgets about it entirely.


   Great-Grandfather: (Rookson's Side) Sprite | Green-Water | Deceased 
   Great-Grandmother: (Rookson's Side) Fantasia | Orange-Water | Deceased 
   Grandfather: (Rookson's Side) Irastus | Black-Fire | Alive // (Baldr's Side) Aerrow | Gray-Fire | Unknown
   Grandmother: (Rookson's Side) Pepper | Black-Water | Unknown // (Baldr's Side) Sofia | Gray-Fire | Unknown
(Biological) Baldr "Papa" | Pink-Light | Alive // Rookson "Dad" | Gold-Light | Alive
   Mother: (Biological) Odessa "Auntie Dess" | Orange-Fire | Alive
Aunt(s): N/A
      ☙ (Rookson's Side) Dew | Gray-Light | Unknown
      ☙ (Rookson's Side) Mountain | Gray-Light | Unknown
      ☙ (Adoptive) Frazier | Gray-Shadow | Alive
      ☙ (Adoptive) Harper | White-Green-Water | Alive
      ☙ (Adoptive) Vireo | Blue-Shadow | Alive
      ☙ (Adoptive) Marisol | White-Pink-Water | Alive
      ☙ (Adoptive) Shinonome | Pink-Light | Alive
      ☙ (Adoptive) Saturnus | Green-Fire | Alive
      ☙ (Adoptive) Leki | Blue-Water | Alive
      ☙ (Adoptive) Ryker | Orange-Water | Alive
      ☙ Virgil | Pink-Earth | Deceased
      ☙ Ghost | Gray-Light | Alive
      ☙ Marzipan | Gray-Fire | Alive
      ☙ (Adoptive) Lucas | White-Orange-Light | Alive
      ☙ Bruin | Black-Shadow | Alive
      ☙ Finnegan | Gray-Shadow | Alive
      ☙ (Adoptive) Ozz | Blue-Light | Deceased
      ☙ (Adoptive) Sanibel | Silver-Light | Alive
      ☙ Lilith | Blue-Light | Alive
      ☙ Toriel | Blue-Water | Alive

Acquaintance(s): ...
Friend(s): ...
Close-Friend(s): ...
Best-Friend(s): ...
Enemy(ies): ...

Sexual Orientation: ...
Romantic Orientation: 
Crush: N/A
   Past Crush(s): N/A
Mate: N/A
   Preferences For A Mate: She's a baby, pshhh.
Offspring: N/A

Relationship-Tracker: ...


   ☙ "Auntie Dess'" milk.
   ☙ Cuddling with "Papa" and "Dad".
   ☙ Being spoiled.
   ☙ Baldr's eyes.
   ☙ Her (huge) family.
   ☙ Flowers.
   ☙ Crashing into things.
   ☙ Getting muddy.
   ☙ Being ignored.
   ☙ Meeting new cats.
   ☙ Watching others quarrel.
   ☙ Seeing others cry or in pain.
   ☙ The possibility that, one day, she may have to leave Light-Tribe and her family there.
   ☙ She's always somewhat afraid that something bad will happen to one of her family members.
   ☙ Really, anything remotely loud, creepy-crawly, or scary.
Dreams: Snowdrop's still a kitten, so she has some pretty big dreams. The thing is, with such a child-like sense of wonder and imagination, her interests change as often as the weather. One day, she may want to become deputy, like her father, Rookson. Then, the next day, she may decide she wants to be leader, like her sister, Sanibel. The truth is, most of her dreams aren't really plausible at this point, so they're simply that; dreams.
Goals: Snow's made it her personal goal to, over time, visit every single one of her siblings in their respective tribes. She loves them all, and she doesn't want to make them travel all the way to Light-Tribe to see her. Of course, she's much too young to be venturing through Nandryx, at the moment.

Belief In The Spirits: For now, Snowdrop's beliefs are her family's beliefs. She's learned everything she knows about the Spirits from her family, particularly her fathers and aunt, and thus her opinions and views don't differ very much from theirs.

   ☙ She's so tiny and sweet. Who could say no to her?
   ☙ She possesses a keen sense of hearing.
   ☙ She doesn't allow most things to get under her skin.
   ☙ She has poor eyesight, due to her poorly-dealt genetics, and she's more prone to sickness.
   ☙ Her eyes and skin are very sensitive to light, and potentially become damaged due to prolonged exposure.
   ☙ She's sometimes a little too trusting and forgiving.
   ☙ Melting hearts with her charming kitten-antics.
   ☙ Somehow managing to get her daddies to spoil her rotten.
   ☙ Cuddling.

   Favorite Cat: Baldr ("I look just like Papa!").
   Favorite Place: The Light-Tribe Camp.
   Favorite Time Of Day: Late-Evening/Sunset.
   Favorite Season: Spring. ("There's so many flowers! And butterflies! And everything smells good! And—!")
   Favorite Food: Milk. ("Auntie gives me the tastiest milk ever!")
   Favorite Game: Hide-And-Seek (Especially after she experiences her first snow. She'll feel like a chameleon!).
   Favorite Activity: Collecting leaves into a little pile and then rolling around in them. ("Here, I can share! Do you want a turn in my leaf-pile?")
Least Favorites:
   Least Favorite Cat: She doesn't have a least favorite.
   Least Favorite Place: Anywhere near the herb-storages. ("It smells really funny, kinda like dirt and leaves! I like leaves though!")
   Least Favorite Time Of Day: Noon. Too bright, usually.
   Least Favorite Season: Summer.
   Least Favorite Food: She hasn't really tried anything other than milk.
   Least Favorite Game: Wrestling. She always loses.
   Least Favorite Activity: Getting groomed by "Auntie Dess" ("Auntie! You're messing up my head-fluff!").

Voice Actor: Andrea Libman (As Fluttershy From My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)

   ☙ She was born on Christmas.
   ☙ Her favorite place would most likely be the Flower Fields, if she ever visited there.
   ☙ She loves Baldr's eyes. She's never seen another cat with pinkish-red eyes like him, aside from herself, so she thinks that they're both very special. She considers herself and her "Papa" honorary members of the "Cool-Eyes Club", which, of course, she made up herself.
   ☙ She loves the location of Light-Tribe's territory, because it's right in the middle of all of the other tribe's territories and all of her family members can come visit her!
   ☙ One of her favorite things to do is to gather up a bunch of leaves into a pile, and then jump into and roll around in them. She especially loves Autumn for this reason, because the leaves are so many different shades of orange and red.
   ☙ Despite that she lives in Light-Tribe, literally surrounded by the stuff, herbs smell a bit funny to her. She doesn't dislike them, exactly, but they're strange and she hasn't quite grown used to them yet.
   ☙ She's very ticklish, especially on her belly and paws. And the thing is, when she's tickled she tends to rolls over onto her back which leaves her belly exposed for more!
   ☙ She would roll around in flowers all day if she could. She loves them, even though they make her sneeze sometimes.
   ☙ She cries very easily when she's in trouble, especially when she feels like she's disappointed her daddies or aunt.



       They were both healers, skilled and practiced in the art of medicine. But, all of the herbs in the world couldn't have helped them through the hardships that accompanied the past few seasons; Rookson's food-poisoning, rising tensions between their tribe and another, the destructive eruption of Mt. Tzurai. But they'd managed to stay alive, limping side-by-side through all of the pain and devastation, guided only by their love and by each other. After emerging from the haze, weakened but still together, they found themselves missing an important part of their lives. They missed the long, sleepless nights spent stargazing and story-telling and playing. They missed the not-so-sleepless nights, where the chill of the darkness would never be felt through the mass of warm, tiny bundles held between them. They missed the wonderful exhuastion, the seemingly-unending feelings of pride and love that could only be felt with several, tiny, helpless kittens bouncing around at their paws. The couple already had two previous litters, and now, their second batch of kittens had grown into fine adults, leaving their fathers to pursue their own dreams and to travel down their own paths. So, now, the pair of healers had an important question to ponder. What would become of their family now? Raising a family is never an easy task. It's a rather daunting one, actually, and is much more easily tackled by young felines. But, after many passing sunrises, discussions, and debates, both Baldr and Rookson came to a life-changing decision. Despite their aching limbs and graying muzzles, they were ready. One last time. One last litter. But, they were both males, and of course, they couldn't possibly bring new life into the world without one, very necessary component. So, the couple called upon their friend, Fire-Triber Odessa. She had acted as a surrogate for the pair's past children, and she agreed to deliver their third and final litter. Both toms were, of course, overjoyed when Odessa was discovered to be pregnant several sunrises later. Children, their children, would be with them soon. And now, Baldr and Rookson wait for the day their babies will enter the world, tiny sparks of life, protected and nurtured by the roaring flame of love held between them. They stand together as the days go by, listening to Odessa's complaints about neck-pains and nausea, watching as her belly grows fuller to support their beautiful, growing children, and being forever grateful for their lives, for their family, for Odessa, and for each other. And as the coming winter looms over Nandryx, just beginning to grip the land in an icy chill, a single drop of snow is brought into the world. She is their finale, their princess, their littlest daughter; Snowdrop.

    Full History:

       The summary really is the full-thing, at the moment. haha

    Group History:

   ☙ nothing yet! she's still a fetus currently

{Roleplaying Sample}

    Taken from a TGB roleplay with Raina and Tancred:

       Raina didn't reply to her mentor's question at first. She watched through thoughtful, careful eyes as the ball of wall, suspended in the air above the pond by Tancred's concentration, began to quiver. And, glancing at the tom, it wasn't difficult to tell why. He was thinking about something, something that clearly bothered him. She could see it in his face, his eyes. Was it the eruption? She didn't know. And it wasn't her business, anyway. But, watching how just thoughts alone could affect his control in that way...

       Returning her eyes to the orb of water, Raina noticed how pitifully small it was. While studying her mentor's expression, she'd heard soft splashes coming from the pond, but she hadn't imagined that the ball had lost that much water. Raina blinked, glancing down at her paws. Was it really all in her head? All about her thoughts? She hadn't noticed being distracted in any way. In fact, she couldn't recall focusing on anything but trying to raise one of those damn droplets from the pool. So then, was something wrong with her? Would she ever master these powers? Then she realized.
    That was it. She was doubting herself, constantly, in fact. She didn't believe that she was ready to become an adolescent, let alone a scholar. She could glance around the Water-Tribe camp and find cats even younger than her playing around with floating pebbles and braiding knots. Of course, she would try to defend herself too. She hadn't received much training, she had to learn on her own. She'd gotten a late start, that was all. And now that she was thinking about it, she was rather lonely in her tribe too. She had few friends, and even Ventura had seemed indifferent from her. But even so, he had been the only cat she'd known. And now he was dead... 
       Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad, if she actually made a few friendships in her tribe, but that hasn't exactly been going too well. And she knew it was her own fault. She had great difficulty initiating conversation, and that was after getting over her initial instinct to look the other way entirely. She could blame that aspect of herself on her past. But now, Tancred was here. He was her mentor, and she finally had some cat in her life that actually cared. Maybe it was out of guilt or responsibility, rather than genuine compassion but, in all honesty, Raina didn't care. He was helping, he was here for her and, maybe, that was all she'd ever really needed.

       So, watching her mentor carefully, Raina narrowed her eyes in concentration before her tattoo began to glow. She stayed calm as it creeped up her shoulder and neck, encircling her eye until it emitted its own pale glow. She held her breath, staring desperately at the surface of the pool. Then, she remembered her mentor's advice. She took a deep breath, shutting her eyes for a moment and trying to clear her thoughts. She didn't need to worry anymore. Sure, she may be a little behind the other apprentices, but she would learn. Tancred would teach her. She tried to pull all of her doubts into one single thought, and then she let it go. And, though it moved slowly and was rather small, a single orb of water rose from the pool. It hovered above the surface, allowing only a few small droplets to escape back into the water, but it still maintained its shape and size.
       Raina finally opened her eyes, amazed by what she saw. She'd done it! Now, if she could only... Swiping a paw just slightly to one side, the orb of water moved in a similar direction. Though, it was rather choppy, and more water leaked from its form as she tried to move it. But, it was progress, and Raina couldn't have felt more satisfied. "Wow... It really worked." She breathed, her blue eyes round with wonder as she stared at the ball of water. Her ball of water. She let it drop back into the pool, turning her smiling face onto Tancred. "Thank you, Tancred..."


//Thanks for reading!

Application Art (c) 
Character/Design (c) xCinderfrostx
The-Golden-Butterfly (c) The Admin Team

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