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(TGB) Naenia- Kitten Tryout by xCinderfrostx (TGB) Naenia- Kitten Tryout by xCinderfrostx

//Seriously, I have no clue who she's related to tbh. I tried to find out myself but I was just getting lost, whoops. If your cat's related, just lemme know haha. ;v;
Woo! I finished! Now I wait ahah


:icontgb-watertribe: :iconthe-golden-butterfly: :icontgb-watertribe:


{Basic Information}

True-Name: ...
 Meaning of True-Name: ...
Kit-Name: Naenia (Nay-nee-ya)
 Meaning of Kit-Name: Latin- "Incantation, Dirge" (Personal Reason? PARENTS HELP)
  ☙ idk give her some once she's bornnn
Age: 0-3 (Kitten)
Current Age: Pshhh she's not even born yet??
Birth-Season: I dunnoooo (Summer I think? Unless it changes by then)
Gender: Female/She-Cat
 Gender-Pronouns: Her/She/Etc.
  ☙ Maine Coon- Mane/Some Markings/Some Colorations
  ☙ Russian Blue- Some Colorations/Fur-Texture
  ☙ British Shorthair- Some Colorations/Broader Face

{Tribal Information}

Tribe: Water-Tribe
Birth/Former Tribe: Water-Tribe
Rank: Kitten
Profession: N/A
Tattoo: N/A
Ability: N/A
Skills: N/A

Signature Move: N/A
Soulbond: N/A
Mentor: N/A
  Past Mentor(s): N/A
Apprentice: N/A
  Past Apprentice(s): N/A

{Appearance/Physical Traits}

Written Appearance: Naenia gets her looks primarily from her mother, and has no trace of her father's ginger fur. Instead, Nae's pelt is a mixture of blueish-grays. Her chest, muzzle, and underbelly are a particularly lighter shade of gray, while her paws, ears, and tail grow much darker. Swirling, bluish-gray stripes stretch down from a central point along her spine, creating a marbled, tabby pattern on her sides. These same stripes also cover her tail and paws, along with a few sparse ones on her face. In addition to these facial markings, there are several dark "freckles" on her muzzle. She has a familiar light blaze between her eyes, and a pair of vivid, leaf-green eyes, similar to her father's. She has a short, wide muzzle, in addition to a broad face.
Body-Type/Build: While Naenia is only a kitten, she's rather small. She most likely gained this trait from her mother, who is of similar stature. Despite this, there's nothing to say that Nae won't grow to become as strongly-built and large as her father, but, for now, she's tiny and adorable, like any kitten should be. There's hardly any muscle to be found beneath all of her kitten-pudge, and she's rather clumsy on her feet. But, that won't stop her from wobbling around the camp like she owns the place.
 Height: 2 In.
 Length: 4 In.
 Weight: 1.5 Lbs. (0.680389 Kg.)
Fur-Length/Texture: Right now, Naenia's still got a thick coat of kitten-soft fur. She's rather fluffy, especially around her chest and neck, but otherwise, her fur's at about a medium-length. In fact, she has a bit of a darker-colored mane behind her head, resembling that of her mother's.
Scars: N/A
Disabilities: N/A
Unique Physical Features: One of Naenia's defining traits is her mane. Though it's rather short for now, it's darker coloration makes it stand out. Another thing could be her "freckles", which are rather easy to spot dotting her muzzle.
Accessories: N/A
Scent: For now, Naenia carries the sweet-milky scent of her mother and siblings. Though, there is a hint of moss and reeds mixed in there, as well.
Voice: Naenia's voice is what some might describe as "the voice of a troublemaker". She never seems to cease having some sort of tone in her high-pitched, kitten voice. She's not at all soft-spoken, nor does she hesitate to speak her mind. At times, there may even be a hint of a weak growl heard behind her voice.

{Personality- ESTP}

        Bullet; Green Positive Traits- [Adventurous | Courageous | Compassionate]
        Bullet; Yellow Neutral Traits- [Fiery | Mischievous | Proud]
        Bullet; Red Negative Traits- [Vengeful | Snarky | Stubborn]

    Bullet; Green Adventurous - Naenia loves exploring. It doesn't matter if it's one of the dens in the Water-Tribe camp, or a new part of forest being shown to her by her father—it always excites her. She's nearly fearless when it comes to discovering new places. While most kits may be a bit hesitant to see the world outside of their nests or the camp, Nae's more than ready to go! She dreams of venturing beyond the mountains of Nandryx, in search of perilous adventures to new places that will lead to exciting encounters with new cats and creatures. Of course, for now, this dream will remain a dream. She isn't exactly fond of the idea of leaving her family just yet.

    Bullet; Green Energetic - Naenia pretty much has two states; either she's extremely active and racing about, or she's zonked-out asleep. There is no inbetween. Nae is quite the little ball of energy, that's for sure. She can usually be found running around and exploring, or playing with her siblings, or even trying to take down her father as if he were the greatest enemy she's ever faced. She loves playing. In fact, if "playing" was one of the professions she could take on when she eventually goes off to her tribe, she would choose it in a heartbeat. Play-fighting and wrestling are by-far her favorite things to play, but she often gets too rough for the other participants and will need to be reminded to be more gentle. Despite this, Naenia has good intentions, she just gets carried away sometimes. 

    Bullet; Green Compassionate - One of the most important things to Naenia is family. Her siblings are the only ones that can break through her tough exterior and receive a more warm embrace, and her parents are the only cats that Nae feels like she can be herself around. She's very protective of her family, especially her siblings, and she loves them all very much. She'd do literally anything for her siblings, and she hopes desperately that one of her siblings will be traveling with her to their new tribe, when it's time. In fact, one of Nae's favorite activities is snuggling against her siblings after a long day of playing and falling asleep. 

    Bullet; Yellow Fiery - Naenia is a kitten with a strong spirit and a not-so-level head. She reacts to the words and actions of other cats very quickly, and usually without much thought. Some may see this trait as passion, but others will view it as rudeness. Regardless, Nae doesn't think much of her tone or words in the heat of the moment, and will often times feel either ashamed or proud afterwards, depending on if she gets in trouble. And usually, she gets in trouble.

    Bullet; Yellow Mischievous - Naenia isn't above pulling pranks on other cats, especially if she has some sort of grudge against them. And she manages to convince her siblings to tag-along, it's even more fun. Her pranks are usually harmless; spooking a cat when they're least expecting it, planting a spider in an unsuspecting cat's nest. When she's targeting her parents, Nae rarely gets in trouble, unless she's accidentally hurt either of them. When it's her siblings, she'll get a minor scolding. But when she pranks another cat, or a highly respected one, you can bet she'll receive a good scolding.

    Bullet; Yellow Proud - While she usually doesn't mean anything by it, Naenia can be rather arrogant at times. She's confident in her own abilities and strengths, even if the majority of her skills are hindered by her size and wobbly legs. She dreams of being respected like her parents, perhaps even becoming a silver one day. In her mind, that means she must possess unwavering fierceness and strength, and, of course, absolutely no fear. She does her best to keep up these ideals whenever she can, but, she is only a kitten, and she can't always be tough and fearless. So, she tries even harder to never let any cat see a softer side of her, except for her family, of course.

    Bullet; Red Vengeful - Naenia takes the saying "an eye for an eye" to heart. In addition to her feisty, fiery attitude, Nae has a strong sense of justice. And it may not be the "correct" form of justice, since she's not above going as low as the offender might have done to her. And this extends to her family members as well. If one of her siblings was hurt or teased by another cat, you can believe Naenia will be out to get you. For now, this trait is usually pretty harmless, since not many want to hurt a bunch of kittens. But, as she grows older, Nae's revengeful ways may just get her in serious trouble.

    Bullet; Red Snarky - Naenia's fervency often pushes her towards being witty, sarcastic, and sometimes downright rude. She usually doesn't mean anything by her words, but it's merely her instinct to respond to another's snide comment or snicker with one of her own. This can be traced back to her vengeful nature. She does her best not to talk in this manner to her parents or cats of high respect, but she has no issue going off on other kittens or even apprentices, if she believes they deserve it.

    Bullet; Red Stubborn - Naenia isn't one to allow others to push her around, and that means that she can be rather stubborn. If she has her heart and mind set on something, she'll cling to it with everything she has. Not even the Spirits themselves could change her mind. She's determined to prove to others that she's her own boss, and nothing different.


  Great-Grandfather: ...
  Great-Grandmother: ...
  Grandfather: (Paternal) Ramses | Gray-Air | Unknown // (Maternal) Cenek | Silver-Shadow | Alive
  Grandmother: (Paternal) Andromeda | Black-Shadow | Unknown // (Maternal) D'ialia | Orange-Shadow | Unknown
  Father: Kato | Green-Water | Alive
  Mother: Annabelle | Orange-Fire | Alive
Sibling(s): i don't know what the others are doing yet

Acquaintance(s): ...
Friend(s): ...
Close-Friend(s): ...
Best-Friend(s): ...
Enemy(ies): ...

Sexual Orientation: ...
Romantic Orientation: ...
Crush: N/A
  Past Crush(s): N/A
Mate: N/A
  Preferences For A Mate: Pshh, she's much too young for that.
Offspring: N/A

Relationship-Tracker: ...


  ☙ Winning.
  ☙ Pulling Pranks.
  ☙ Her Family.
  ☙ Sleeping.
  ☙ Wrestling With Siblings.
  ☙ Her freckles.
  ☙ Being called "cute" or "adorable".
  ☙ Losing.
  ☙ Getting Pranks Pulled On Her.
  ☙ Getting Groomed By Mommy.
  ☙ Heights.
  ☙ Disappointing her dear parents.
  ☙ Being separated from her family.
Dreams: Some days, Naenia dreams of becoming the strongest, most respected cat in the tribe-lands. And other days, she dreams of exploring far-off lands in search of adventure and endless possibilities. One moment, she'll be picturing herself with a silver tattoo, leading her tribe to success and prosperity. And the next, she'll just dream of staying with her family forever. With such a young mind, her aspirations are changing rapidly. So, for now, dreams are just figments of her imagination that bring this little kitten happiness.
Goals: Naenia can't wait until she receives her tattoo. She wants to learn as many skills as she can, so she can make stuff float, like her father. That would be, of course, guaranteeing she stayed in Water-Tribe, which may not be the case.

Belief In The Spirits: Naenia's still a kitten, so whatever her family believes, she believes as well. She doesn't have much knowledge on the spirits, apart from what she's been told by her parents.

  ☙ Her Tough Attitude.
  ☙ will add more once she grows a bit
  ☙ Her Tough Attitude.
  ☙ will add more once she grows a bit
  ☙ will add more once she grows a bit

  Favorite Cat: Mommy (Annabelle).
  Favorite Place: The Water-Tribe Camp.
  Favorite Time Of Day: Noon.
  Favorite Season: Summer.
  Favorite Food: Milk.
  Favorite Game: Wrestling.
  Favorite Activity: Snuggling with Mommy and/or siblings.
Least Favorites:
  Least Favorite Cat: She doesn't really have one.
  Least Favorite Place: No. Exploring is fun.
  Least Favorite Time Of Day: Early Morning.
  Least Favorite Season: Winter.
  Least Favorite Food: Anything that isn't milk. 
  Least Favorite Game: Climbing.
  Least Favorite Activity: Getting bathed by Mommy.

Voice Actor: Candace Hutson (As Cera from The Land Before Time)

  ☙ She was originally ginger, but then I decided that her name was more fitting to a gray kitty. Plus, I love gray kitties.
  ☙ Her most used phrase is probably, "I'm not cute!".
  ☙ Naenia hates her freckles, like, really, really hates them. She's even tried scrubbing them off with her paws before, which was, of course, to no avail. She hates not appearing like the strongest kitten there ever was, and having "adorable freckles" doesn't help her tough attitude extend to her appearance.
  ☙ Don't comment on her freckles. Don't even look at them. She'll fight you.
  ☙ Don't call her cute. She gets really salty about it.
  ☙ Though she'd never, ever admit it, Naenia's afraid of heights. Even climbing onto her father's back can cause her heartbeat to quicken. Despite this fear, she wouldn't hesitate to climb if another cat dared her to. After all, she has to prove that she isn't scared of anything!
  ☙ She's a really heavy sleeper.



      Annabelle and Kato did the do and now there's smaller annabelles and katos.

   Full History:

      She's a fetus.

   Group History:

  ☙ fetus

{Roleplaying Sample}

    Taken from a TGB roleplay with Raina and Tancred:

       Raina didn't reply to her mentor's question at first. She watched through thoughtful, careful eyes as the ball of wall, suspended in the air above the pond by Tancred's concentration, began to quiver. And, glancing at the tom, it wasn't difficult to tell why. He was thinking about something, something that clearly bothered him. She could see it in his face, his eyes. Was it the eruption? She didn't know. And it wasn't her business, anyway. But, watching how just thoughts alone could affect his control in that way...

       Returning her eyes to the orb of water, Raina noticed how pitifully small it was. While studying her mentor's expression, she'd heard soft splashes coming from the pond, but she hadn't imagined that the ball had lost that much water. Raina blinked, glancing down at her paws. Was it really all in her head? All about her thoughts? She hadn't noticed being distracted in any way. In fact, she couldn't recall focusing on anything but trying to raise one of those damn droplets from the pool. So then, was something wrong with her? Would she ever master these powers? Then she realized.
    That was it. She was doubting herself, constantly, in fact. She didn't believe that she was ready to become an adolescent, let alone a scholar. She could glance around the Water-Tribe camp and find cats even younger than her playing around with floating pebbles and braiding knots. Of course, she would try to defend herself too. She hadn't received much training, she had to learn on her own. She'd gotten a late start, that was all. And now that she was thinking about it, she was rather lonely in her tribe too. She had few friends, and even Ventura had seemed indifferent from her. But even so, he had been the only cat she'd known. And now he was dead... 
       Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad, if she actually made a few friendships in her tribe, but that hasn't exactly been going too well. And she knew it was her own fault. She had great difficulty initiating conversation, and that was after getting over her initial instinct to look the other way entirely. She could blame that aspect of herself on her past. But now, Tancred was here. He was her mentor, and she finally had some cat in her life that actually cared. Maybe it was out of guilt or responsibility, rather than genuine compassion but, in all honesty, Raina didn't care. He was helping, he was here for her and, maybe, that was all she'd ever really needed.

       So, watching her mentor carefully, Raina narrowed her eyes in concentration before her tattoo began to glow. She stayed calm as it creeped up her shoulder and neck, encircling her eye until it emitted its own pale glow. She held her breath, staring desperately at the surface of the pool. Then, she remembered her mentor's advice. She took a deep breath, shutting her eyes for a moment and trying to clear her thoughts. She didn't need to worry anymore. Sure, she may be a little behind the other apprentices, but she would learn. Tancred would teach her. She tried to pull all of her doubts into one single thought, and then she let it go. And, though it moved slowly and was rather small, a single orb of water rose from the pool. It hovered above the surface, allowing only a few small droplets to escape back into the water, but it still maintained its shape and size.
       Raina finally opened her eyes, amazed by what she saw. She'd done it! Now, if she could only... Swiping a paw just slightly to one side, the orb of water moved in a similar direction. Though, it was rather choppy, and more water leaked from its form as she tried to move it. But, it was progress, and Raina couldn't have felt more satisfied. "Wow... It really worked." She breathed, her blue eyes round with wonder as she stared at the ball of water. Her ball of water. She let it drop back into the pool, turning her smiling face onto Tancred. "Thank you, Tancred..."


//Thanks for reading!

Application Art (c) xCinderfrostx
Character/Design (c) xCinderfrostx
The-Golden-Butterfly (c) The Admin Team

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