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{DotW | Khamira | Siglos Su'en}

»»————- {DotW} Khamira Medallion by xCinderfrostx ————-««

Last Update: 5/28/20 - Okay guys I finally caved— heh, get it? Caved?

“Treat people as if they are what they ought to be and help them become what they're capable of being”

{Basic Information}

Name: Khamira (Cuh-meer-uh)
Name Meaning: "Of The Wind"

Gender: Female/She-Wolf
Age: Young Adult

☙ Xassa Pack
☙ Nineveh

{Appearance/Physical Characteristics}

Height: 34"
Weight: 100 Lbs.

Build: She's built like her mother, sporting long, nimble legs and sure-footed paws, thus, Khamira has little issues traversing the harsh, dry landscape she grew up in. Her slender frame and long limbs are primarily suited for running and swimming, and she's very fast as a result, but she unfortunately lacks much of the muscle required for combat or other physical pursuits that require brute strength. Fortunately, her pack's long-standing period of isolation didn't place many enemies in her path, and therefore Khamira never saw reason to learn such skills. Now, however, she may find the world beyond Xassa to be a bit more challenging without any sense of battle training.

Fur-Length/Texture: Her coat is rather short and wiry, which helps make Xassa's heat more bearable, though her pelt does grow a bit longer in certain areas. Her face is covered in soft, very short fur, and is framed by much longer cheek-fur that curls slightly inward. It has the tendency to bounce when she moves around. While her fur does become much longer around her back, forming a type of mane, it's still fairly thin and doesn't offer much protection from colder enviorments. She does her best to keep her pelt well-groomed and well-maintained, but despite her best efforts, her fur still grows fairly dusty from her moving about the territory.

Scent: Foremost, she carries the scent of her homeland, along with something similar to the smell of dry earth and plant-matter.

Voice: Her voice generally sounds very light and feminine. She usually speaks with a pleasant, gentle tone, and she doesn't often have the tendency to stammer or stutter, even when nervous. She does, however, mumble when she's upset—almost to an inaudible degree—and asking her to speak up usually worsens her mood. Fortunately, she tends to speak more clearly when around those she trusts and feels close to, often confiding in them and allowing them to help.

Voice Actress: Jennie Kwan

Singing Voice Likeness: TBD

Main Theme: TBD

{Pack Information}

Territory: Xassa

Family: N/A

Rank: Siglos (Gamma) Su'en

{Personality - ESTP - The Entrepreneur}

{Adventurous | Amiable | Compassionate | Righteous | Alturistic | Devout | Self-Assured | Naive | Easily Impressed | Nosy | Impatient | Impulsive}

Almost always cheerful and ready for adventure, Khamira often faces the world with a smile on her face and a bright gleam in her eyes. She appears extremely friendly and outgoing toward others, including strangers, and she greatly enjoys meeting new wolves and exploring new places. She's always willing to lend a helping hand or listening ear, and she has little difficulty making conversation, especially with those she shares common interests with. She's confident and unafraid to approach others first, but this can sometimes cause her to appear somewhat intimidating or overbearing. She genuinely wants the best for others, even those outside of her kin or immediate circle, which can occassionally lead to her sticking her nose into business that doesn't really concern her. Khamira only ever means to be helpful, but this can, again, result in her smothering or annoying more private wolves.

Having been raised during a period of isolation from other packs, Khamira had a relatively sheltered childhood and, thus, she has rather naive view of the rest of the world. She finds joy in the little things; pretty rocks and feathers, or the various shapes clusters of clouds or stars can create in the sky. She hasn't experienced much outside of her home territory, and thus, everything unfamiliar is exciting rather than frightening. Khamira can easily find herself fascinated with almost every aspect of the natural world, and she loves learning new things, but she does have the tendency to grow bored rather quickly if things aren't stimulating enough. And while it's never her intention to appear rude or offensive, more mundane activities or wolves will find themselves struggling to hold the young she-wolf's attention. She absolutely perfers action and excitement, but growing up away from the rest of the world left little room for new experiences, and she can be occasionally reckless in her pursuit of fun as a result. She's innocent, and certainly ignorant about whatever lies beyond Xassa's borders, but she isn't stupid by any means. Both her parents and other, elder members of her pack have done their best to warn the young she-wolf of the dangers that reside outside of the territory, but to Khamira, as she has yet to experience these tales for herself, these dangers are merely stories and fables meant to dissuade her from exploring beyond Xassa, and not tangible threats that can genuinely harm her or her pack. She believes the world outside of her homeland is a vast, wonderous place, filled with wolves that she—and her pack as a whole—can help by introducing them to Xassa's philosophy.

And it's that very philosophy that drives Khamira's wanderlust and desire to help others, and she believes wholeheartedly in the Xassan concept of Xerxes Peace. After all, who wouldn't want a world built upon a foundation of peace and unity? Wolves would no longer die of hunger or disease due to food or herb shortages, as resources would be shared rather than hoarded; borders would be open rather than closed and defended, and not another drop of blood would be spilled fighting over territories. Under the principles of Xerxes Peace, the world would become a paradise, a safe haven where all wolvenkind would prosper. The Xassans understood that, and Khamira knew that she needed only to help others see it, too.

However, Khamira doesn't agree with all of Xassa's ways, particularly the manner in which they handle dissenters. While Xassa prides itself on establishing widespread peace for all, they are not above using force against those who disagree with their views. While sometimes effective, and sometimes fruitless, Khamira doesn't see the sense in such violence. She believes those who reject Xerxes Peace are simply unaware of all of the good that can come from it, and that these wolves only need to be further convinced—and she feels that attacking them, regardless of intention, is the wrong way to go about this. Despite having these beliefs, Khamira wouldn't ever dare to voice them, as going against the Cyrus' word is forbidden by order of Xassan law. However, if ever given the opportunity to do so safely, Khamira may attempt to warn others that Xassa is preparing to attack. She does this primarily out of compassion, as she doesn't wish to waste innocent lives, but there is also an underlying motive; she believes that if she manages to prove Xassa's truly noble intentions, the wolves she aids will accept Xerxes Peace out of gratitude alone.


Khamira was born, along with her two sisters, into the harsh, unforgiving lands of Xassa during a most difficult time for the pack. Betrayal and bloodshed from long before Khamira's time had caused the once-noble pack to retreat into itself, beginning the period of isolation that the Xassans called Hassan's Silence. It was during this period that Khamira and her siblings entered the world—a rather small world, at that, for the dry lands of Xassa were all they knew. The policies behind Hassan's Silence had been in place for generations, and, many assumed, would continue for several more to come. For some, isolation was worthwhile if it ensured safety and prosperity for the entire pack, thus they dared not wish for Hassan's Silence to end. Others, however, remembered the days of Xerxes Peace, and of Xassa's very mission to bring that same peace to the rest of wolvenkind, and harbored a desire to return to those roots, whether they expressed it openly or not. Khamira's parents were, unfortunately, not among that latter group, and they did their best to instill an approval of Hassan's Silence in their daughters. Ever curious and naive, however, Khamira did not settle for these beliefs, and instead found herself fascinated by stories of the old Xassa, and the many wolves, packs, and places that were still foreign and undiscovered to her.

Growing up, Khamira didn't connect very well with her sisters, as they had easily subscribed to their parents' beliefs and had given into the deep-rooted sense of caution that her family—and many other members of the pack, it seemed—possessed. Her siblings weren't particularly interested in exploring or running about the territory, as they instead prefered to busy themselves with knowledge of healing herbs or the pack's more-recent history. And, while both important topics, Khamira found both equally boring. Dried plants and closed borders? How much was there to know, really?

Luckily, Khamira quickly found a like-minded friend in one of the Cyrus' younger sons, Nineveh. Similar both in age and spirit, the pair bonded over a shared love of racing and climbing, and they spent ample time together in their youth. Nineveh, however, appeared to harbor a certain love of danger that Khamira simply didn't possess, and while she would do her best to keep the young he-wolf out of any serious danger, he could be difficult to dissuade at times. Always supportive and affectionate toward her friend, Khamira never voiced her frustrations with him aloud, but she often wondered how long it would be until Nineveh's luck would run dry.

Then, during the midst of a lightning storm, it happened.

Having injured herself during a previous escapade, Khamira had been confined to the main densite when the fire broke out in the grasslands. She'd had no idea Nineveh had been foolish enough to chase after the storm until word began to spread throughout camp, as quickly as the wildfire itself, that both Nineveh and the Cryus' eldest son, Elam, were nowhere to be found. Fearful, Khamira prayed for her friend's safety, and was beyond relieved when Nineveh returned, alive, but deeply burdened by the horrible news he brought back with him: Elam had perished. Only seasons later, the Cyrus' second-oldest son died as well, leaving Nineveh as heir to Xassa's alphaship. Khamira offered all the support she could to her friend, but without knowing death herself, there was only so much she could do.

That was, until disease struck Xassa, stealing the lives of her parents and sisters with it. Khamira somehow managed to stay healthy, though she was devastated by the loss of her family, and for the first time, she found herself uninterested in physical activities or even the affairs of her fellow packmates. It wasn't until news spread that Cyrus Zargos had succumbed to the disease, and that Nineveh was now the Cyrus, that Khamira forced herself to leave her parents' den and discover for herself if the rumors were true. They were indeed, but there was other news beyond that, as well. It soon became known that Zargos' last words, his dying wish, had been for Nineveh to end Hassan's Silence, and for Xassa to return to what it had once been. It was then that a familiar spark finally returned to Khamira's eyes. Xassa would hide no longer. The world would once again know Xerxes Peace, as she'd learned about during her youth. Despite the lingering sense of fear that many of the elder wolves expressed, Khamira had always longed for the day that Xassa would open itself to the world once more. And now, with Nineveh as Cyrus, that day would finally arrive.

And Khamira welcomed it with open arms.

Group-History: View It Here...


☙ After losing her family to disease, Khamira has become somewhat fearful of "germs" and does her best to avoid ailing wolves or carrion. She's easily digusted by such things, and she would have to really, really care for another wolf in order to visit them while they are ill.

☙ Khamira is very physically affectionate. She'll find little ways to maintain casual, physical contact with her loved ones—often without even realizing it! She has little regard for her own sense of personal space, but can forget that not everyone feels as comfortable as she does; luckily, she's understanding about this, and a gentle reminder to back off will suffice.

☙ Khamira's very proud to serve Xassa as a Su'en—making sure her packmates are cared for and well-fed makes her heart very happy.

{DotW} Khamira Stamp by xCinderfrostx 

Art Credit(s) © xCinderfrostx 
Character/Design © xCinderfrostx
Domain-Of-The-Wolf © The Admin Team
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Omg she's gorgeous Cinder!! Can't wait to see her in action in Xassa :D

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Thank you, Les! <33

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I love her personality and she is absolutely stunning!! Her name is gorgeous too, can’t wait to see her in action!

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Thank you so much, Tazi! <3
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How did you draw digitally beautiful but I don't know how you do explain it to me?
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Thank you! I use an art program called FireAlpaca to draw digitally! c:
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I love her design, she's beautiful! <3

And what an interesting backstory, can't wait to see more oh this girl!

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Aw, thank you so much Sask! <3 I’m excited to get started with her!
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ooooooo what a pretty lady! :3

since she’s afraid of germs, I have no doubt Vidar would be extra scary to her lol
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hahaha probably xD she wouldn't want to be standing too close to him, that's for sure LOL

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