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QB:Chapter 1-Stutters- pg 13

And so it begins, we are getting close to the end of chapter 1 :3 
everyones here, even sec and Ahndd
Monarch  :iconkittenqueen24: :iconcutevulpix56: :iconthanysa: :iconxchibixx: :iconcody696: :iconlucky-leaf-studios: :iconsinnamonrol: + Wyn
Rebels :iconlunarinfinity: :icontecnokua: :iconkurikurimu: :iconzueskillerproduction: :iconst0n3wahl: :iconlunaemoonwolf: :iconbexxiic:

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I dont know who are the bad guys and the good ones XD
xChibixx's avatar
Nobody is truly good or bad in this comic  XD
Nobody =w=
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Thomas: seems that there might be a morality pet for one of them...

Time to make reservations. *dials unmarked phone* Does anyone have any information on a...Wyn and Kylie of Monarch?....mmhmmm.....thanks for the information. *throws phone in trash*
xChibixx's avatar
Ky: Touch Wyn and I'll break your neck 
ChickenJac's avatar
Everything is all badass... The monologue is epic... And then I see the cat in the window. XD He looks he has PTSD, but is still ready to kick ass!! (Or is a bomb.)

I love it though!! Can't wait for the Mayhem!! :D
xChibixx's avatar
haha thank you love ^w^
its his stutter gear, no bomb cats here XD

its all about to begin XD 
cutevulpix56's avatar
It is about to go DOWNN!!!!! :iconstephencolbertomgplz: Everybody all aboard the Hype Train!! :iconyeahplz:

Also the comments on these are just gold, I love you people <3
xChibixx's avatar
It is indeed about to go down >w< 
I love the comics here 
cutevulpix56's avatar
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*Plays ACDC- Shoot to Thrill*
Lucky-Leaf-Studios's avatar
This song was playing as I saw it XD
ZuesKillerProduction's avatar
Thomas: *cocks MP5NSD*
Lucky-Leaf-Studios's avatar
*slides back bolt* lets make some noise...
Tecnokua's avatar
welp call of the mission my fedora is visible around the corner we're screwed sry :iconlunarinfinity:
ZuesKillerProduction's avatar
Thomas: That's fine, we can go with plan B(low those scientists into ground meat). Anybody brought the C4?
cutevulpix56's avatar
Yep call off the whole rebellion it's gone and done now sensors are on their highest settings

Tecnokua's avatar
What sensors *Frantic hacking noises* I dont see any
cutevulpix56's avatar
Muna: Oh you know - ones of the undetectable or traceable variety :icondragonpuplz:

Muna, stop trolling the other nerds Goddamn XD
Tecnokua's avatar
Exactly which is why I walked up unscrewed the back and took out the batteries. I can Wheatly hack take that
cutevulpix56's avatar
Muna: :giggle: Impressive =P
xChibixx's avatar
Its ok, ky and wyn are distracted by each other XD 
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