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shadow and flame.

shadow and flame.

This took me a bit longer than expected, not workwise but because it was on hold for like, one month. Bugger. Needed to finish it before starting R1 though so here we go!

This was inspired by one of my favourite lines from the Lord of the Rings films:
Moria... You fear to go into those mines. The dwarves delved too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum... shadow and flame. - Saruman, Fellowship of the Ring.

I'll just leave it at that.

Rikku, Cat and Elijah are my characters.
Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.

Cat's Application: [link]

Textures used:
:iconanitajoy-stock: [link] ; :iconisostock: [link] ; :iconstruckdumb: [link]

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Thank you for using my stock :) :rose:
xcharlion's avatar
Oh the pleasure was all mine :)
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Looking so good! :heart: I love your hair effects!
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Thanks youuuuu! <3
I think hair is the only thing I can do ;_____;
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Dont forget some really pretty eyes!
Oh, do you have an idea for the battle yet? If not you can just name a neutral place and and i will use that for my sightseeing or activity.
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I'm thinking Cat will be on her way back from Soul Point and general sneaking around and be on the road near Arceus Valley where she can't really go, on her way to Pearl City or somewhere. She doesn't really look that pleasant, even if she's discreet, so maybe Jonas would be suspicious and call her out.

If something pisses her off it's some do-gooder rat meddling in her business :'D
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Maybe Pearl citys gothic tower? It's seems like a place they both would visit and that none of them would mind blowing up with a firebadger v firelizard duel
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Yeah sounds good, would make for interesting scenery to draw! Sorry about the late reply. I'll get back to you in the week about this all no doubt!
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Don´t worry have been workin on the other pics ^^
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This is gorgeous Sia! <3 Loving the texture use and the shading is gorgeous <3

I love the detailing on her hair and her dress :heart: ;o; yes yes yes yes
xcharlion's avatar
Thank youuu :heart: Now I have to figure out how to do this entire bloody tournament :'D
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