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Traveling Companions

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This was a gift art that you may have seen on Tumbr. If you feel like reblogging it, it's posted here: [link]

In which Zuko spends his well-deserved retirement gallivanting about the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom on an extended field trip with his wife, sampling (and occasionally critiquing) different tea shop offerings, watching a variety of wonderful, revoltingly-colored sunsets, correcting the stances of bandits who propose to mug them, and generally being themselves free of all political pressures or expectations.

(Mai’s wondering if she should tell him that that’s actually his cup of soy sauce he’s about to drink.)
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I love the idea of them old...people don't stay young and beautiful forever, but they do stay in love! Nice work.
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This should've happened in Korra.
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This is so adorable....it made my day!
I love it so much, your style is lovely ♥
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I bet they have not lost a beet in their old age.
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Oh my gosh. He's like Uncle Iroh! Aww. Did you know that the staff working on The Legend of Korra named Mako after the voice actor who played Uncle Iroh? He died before the show aired so they gave the character his name in memory of his life and work.
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If it's possible for this to be more perfect, I am blissfully unaware as to how that could happen :)
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I love this! Too great. I love old!Maiko. I hope we get to see these two at some point, whether by flashback or not.
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LLLOVVEE THIS :D very happy right now bout this xD
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Avatar as old people is pretty awesome. I'm loving Mai's expression. :D
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Awn oh god, my OTP is perfect, this is for sure how they will get old :heart:
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This is so sweet! It just made my day!

God Bless and be with you
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lol i love it.
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how could you confuse soy sauce for tea?
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Because at traditional restaurants it is sometimes served in small, porcelain cups which resemble teacups. :)
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oooh! well then, that sucks for zuko
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I approve of this even though Mai and Zuko don't stay together. But the best artwork is never canon XD
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They don't? Darn. I need to catch up on my Promise readings
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Yeah, she dumped him again in part 2, plus Bryke stated in an interview that Mai and Zuko would not be staying together. XP
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