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The Moment After Suffering

“Time’s cupped hand holds
no place so lenient, so calm as this,
the moment after suffering. It is like
a sunlit clearing after densest wood,
bright by antithesis.”

- Jessica Powers

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Favorited. Omg. I do believe they were once in love and their reunion would look something like this. Completely gorgeous. And NOT unlikely. Beautiful. Great great work.
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Pity Ozai never got any real backstory, about his relationship with his father and Ursa, well at least there's fanfiction. I imagine the Fire Nation for royals is like Game of Thrones only bloodier.
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Have you read the comics? They go into Ozai's relationship with Ursa some in The Search!
empressofmelnibone's avatar
I have but what the comics say goes against the show's established character, also the comics are so convoluted I can't even wrap my head around how anyone even less the writers thought they were a good idea.
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I really hope to see more of them in the continuing graphic novels...ah, but this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing dear :huggle:
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Yeah SO WHAT? Just because he-- *cries* --and then the-- *sobs* --and then I saw-- *gross sobbing* WAHAAAHHHHH! *cries forever*

I love this. I still ship them, too. I think he would come to love her, but then...yeah...
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I feel sorry for him now. :iconwhaaplz: Oh my, why?!
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Will she ever forgive him?
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