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(A minor warning for gore, I suppose, but I tried to keep it on a more aesthetic level.)

I was recently given the cause and opportunity to re-read a few of my old favorite fairy tales, in the variety of editions that the library I was at had to offer: and my two top favorites, of course, were Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood.

It's a strange combination, but, in retrospect (and leaving the themes of the respective stories open to all their classic interpretations) I like the paradox the two demonstrate: you either tame your beast or get devoured. There's not much of a middle ground.

The concept for the above image pretty much struck me between the eyes like a hammer, as a quasi-swap of one for the other. I'm not exactly sure what fractured version of the fairy tale brought these two characters to this point, but you're welcome to think something up.

I can't draw wolves. Which is a shame, because they're gorgeous animals.

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Hauntingly beautiful
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featured here because this is awesome work…
Riding Hood's Grandmother was rumored to be a witch for she lives alone preform strange acts. She even have a pet wolf. One day when Riding Hood returned home she found witch hunters have invaded her home, killed her grandmother, and found her pet wolf struggling to stay alive. ...She embrace her only friend one last time.
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I think I'd like to run with this idea for a while, if you don't mind. It's fascinating! 
Go right ahead. I love sharing ideals. Just mention me okay?
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nonsense. one of the best wolves i've seen for a simple drawing.
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Very gorgeous shading! I also love Red's expression.
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Love this, very unique perspective on the fairytales; either tame or be eaten, and this could also be veiwed as a life saying too about personal burdens, but all in all I really love the concept here :)
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I think that you made a wonderful attempt at the wolf.
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Very pretty; I love the accent the red cape gives it. :)
this is really interesting....I like the twist on the old fairy tales
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Thanks! So do I. ;)
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You know... this is going to sound so odd, but I've actually found a story that combines the two fairy tales. With a Jane Austen/Georgette Heyer kind of influence, though, so maybe not quite as beautiful as this. xD;
Still, since it was a delightfully funny story as well as rather original, I'll post it here in case you'd like to see it: [link] :)
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Oh my GOSH, that was a brilliant parody. I loved it!
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Yay! Happy to share the epicness. :dance:
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As gorgeous as always, XC. :heart:
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this looks amazing! I love how you made everything else grayscale except for the red. Wonderful, wonderful work. =)
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Thank you! Having a simplified/emphasized color palette was one of the main reasons I wanted to do the piece.
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Wolves are, indeed, gorgeous animals....

Interesting concept, and great execution.
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They really are an amazing balance between power and grace: which is why I sometimes look at my neurotic little foofy-tailed companion and ask him "How did we get YOU from THAT?"

Thank you! :)
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This picture is so gorgeous. I love her eyes/hair and the wolf's head and... basically the rest of him too. Oh, her hands are so good too. I love the reddishness and the angle of them.
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