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Many Daughters Have Done Nobly

By xcgirl08
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"...but you excel them all."
-Proverbs 31

ANOTHER religious piece, you say? Yes, and in that same coloring style too. I really like it: I think it gives the picture a peaceful, organic feel. What do you think? (This is an early Mother's Day upload, since my week is going to be fairly busy.)

Considering how important she is (being Mary's mother and all), you don't see many renderings of St. Anne with her daughter- who will one day become the mother of Jesus Christ. So you see.

All comments/critiques/thoughts/suggestions are welcome. Happy Mother's Day! :)
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Pardon me while I stop and stare at this a while.

Still beautiful. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of art with us!
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it is lovely. it reminds me of Ruth and Naomi. ruth married naomi's son and then the guy dies shortly after. ruth makes the decision to stay with naomi to keep her company and take care of each other. they have to flee and is a later relative of christ. cool story. can't remember what book. the book of Ruth?
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very nice :)
makes you feel warm inside
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Beautifully done... the colouring was made of so much win.
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:heart: i really dont know what to say

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Nice art, so religious that I love my mom so much.
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awww it makes me want to give my momma a hug!!!
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Very beautiful, I love it, and will most definitely be showing it to my mom on Mother's Day. Are you giving it to yours? :) I'm sure she'll love it.
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Yes, this was my planned present for my mother. I hope yours likes it, and thank you so much for sharing it with her!
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Ooo! A St. Anne piece. Nice! :)

And of course that was a *very* well chosen scripture verse. lol

I think this might be the first time I have seen you draw an older woman. Her face came out very nicely. :D
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My only critique is that you should perhaps change the colour of St. Anne's clothing so that it doesn't interfere with the colour of Mary's hand, and it would also help for Mary's head dress not to be so "in your face". Mary's hand is also a bit oddly drawn, at least the angle of where her index finger goes into her thumb seems a little off to me. Rather than continuing that horizontal angle, I would bring that line down and reveal more of the thumb.

Aside from that, it's a lovely piece. I really like the colouring style you've developed. I also love how you drew the hands on St. Anne. Absolutely gorgeous .____.
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Thank you very much!

Yeah, I was thinking of giving her dress a dash of color. Dark/muted red, maybe, to balance off the blue? And I will touch up Mary's hand if I'm able. (Didn't save the psd layered version...stupid of me...)
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Gah, I know what you mean about not saving the layered version. I do that waaay too often.

And I think red would be an awesome colour. Not only would it balance the blue, but it has that warm, loving feel to it. <3!
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I edited in the color. What do you think?

And thank you very much! :)
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Aw yeah, that looks awesome.
Did you add detail in the hair *oogles with awe*

and no problem! anytime ;D
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Not familiar at all with Saint Anne, actually. This was enlightening. :)

Is Mother's Day this Sunday?

Great work. :) There's always something special about these pieces.
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this is beautiful. I love it.
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As a matter of fact, this is the first drawing I've ever seen of St-Anne and Mary. You bring out a valid point, perhaps it's caused by the fact that for a long time most artists where male, and thus were more patriarchal oriented.
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