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Love One Another

"...As I have loved you." (John 15:12.)

Good Friday/Easter art. Followed the selective coloring as seen in 'Behold Your Son'..... I wanted to do something larger scale, but nothing felt like enough.

Factual tidbit: the nails would have gone through His wrists rather than His hands, as is often shown, so I tried to be more accurate. The bones and structure of the hand are too delicate, and would not support the weight of a body; they would just tear apart when the Cross was stood up.
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it is so refreshing to see some beautiful modern Christian art. God bless.
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Beautiful! Nice to see some Christian art! May God bless!
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He shed his blood to reddem us cuz he loved us.. our God is such a Manly man!
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This is incredibly moving :happycry:
Very, very excellent work!
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I love your picture -- and your factual tidbit! Both serve to remind me how painful it must've been for Him.
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Very nice. I admire how well you draw hands. However there are two things that bug me just a little bit about this pic.

One, the blood doesn't quite follow the shape of the hands properly.

Two, I believe the nails actually went through further back on the wrists, right above where the Radius and Ulna bones come together at the beginning of the wrists. Of course, I may be mistaken.
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Thank you very much for the comment.


Haha, I've found that drawing/painting liquid is surprisingly difficult: looking back on this now, I'd like to do a few touch-ups sometime.

And I'm not sure about where on the wrist the nails went through, either, but putting the wounds there was mostly to keep the focus centered. Viewer's eye and all that. XD

Again, thank you for the critique!
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Hmm, I can see what you mean about the viewer's eye. Taking that into account, the wounds are placed very well.

(And I'm glad you know how to take an honest critique without getting offended. :phew: There have been a few occasions where openning my mouth has gotten me in trouble with the artist.)
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Beautiful! I love it. ^^ :heart:
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Thank you so much! :thanks:
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I love it! The position of his hands say a lot.
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That's incredible!
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I really love this and represents Easter and God/Jesus's love for all of us though we sin and aren't perfect. Wonderful job.
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No problem. It was really great!
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Thanks for not forgetting the true meaning of Easter. :)
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Just trying to do my very small part. Thank you very much!
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You're welcome darling :)
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this is beautiful.
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Thank you very much. :)
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