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Hail, Favored One


Nope. It is.... not. It's even better!.....Well, subject-wise. (In my two-cent opinion.)

In light of the upcoming Christmas season, I felt like doing this picture of the Annunciation on a whim. (And maybe a few more of the events preceding the birth of Christ, I'm not sure yet.)

I'm terrible at backgrounds. I need a tutorial in them badly.

Please, please tell me that you know what's going on in the picture....

Not too happy with how this turned out, but I can always use the practice.

Disclaimer: Mary and Gabriel belong to God. And themselves, of course.
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Truly a great work, I think you captured her feelings perfectly in that expression. i just happened across your page this morning, and it's great to see your skill. I love to see fellow Christians showing their talents, and your other fanart is great as well (I'm a bending fan as well, though I haven't drawn up any of that yet).
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Thank you so much! I had some plans to draw more faith-inspired art soon, when I can find the time to work on a piece.

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I totally love your Mary! =3
You pictured her age very well (I think, she was almost still a child when she married. 15? maybe?) and her astonishment. Looks really cute... x3 I love biblical scenes and this picture absolute wins.
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wow! beautiful!
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thats beautiful. the way you captured the rays of light is really cool
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I'm not catholic so i don't worship mary or anything but i am baptist and i love the way you draw and you draw backrounds really well. i suck at :D
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LOL, backgrounds are the bane of my existence. I'm sure you're better at them than you think! *goes to look in your gallery*
aprilshowers496's avatar'd think that wouldn't
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Wwo. I was looking thru your gallery adn realized I had never seen your religious section before. I can tell from some of your ATLA fic(which had very christian themes) that you were christian. I am glad to see some art come of it. And some super pretty art at that! Gabriel(what we can see of him) looks so cool! ^_^ I can just hear that scene in my head, tyhe voice of the angel calling out powerfully "Hail, Full of Grace." So cool. and the Blessed Mother is like O.O. XD Exactly how I am sure she was.

Also, good job paying attention to the details of her liek her skina dn hair color. They are most likly to be true to life. :)
... Wow, those were *some* typos up there. ^_^'' Please, ignore them. XD
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O.O wow.... that's beautiful!
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I'm probably a couple months late on the commenting... but after your last journal entry I realized that I had never actually looked through your whole gallery.

I am amazed at all of the awesome pieces that I had never seen before. (Especially that one with Azula and the cool dragon in the background.)

Anyway! I was surprised to see Christian fanart! It's awesome! I adore Avatar fanart, but pieces like this are great too. I wish you would do more of them.

Keep up the good work!
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im in a faving mood for your art ^^ :+fav:
and yes, i know whats going on :D :thumbsup:
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shoot i just remembered im in my club account! i'll remove fave from here and fave in my ~kwinny accout :blushes:
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It's beautiful(and don't worry, I know what's going on ;))

Lol, you shouldn't worry about the background, it's good and well colored but my favorite part is the light cascading from Gabriel and his wings. Also, you did a great job on Mary. I'm happy I found you because from this(at least I hope this proves my guess to be correct), I have found a great Christian/Cathohlic artist who also does amazing Avatar(AangToph) fanart^^
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I love Mary's expression
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Oh my goodness! It's so beautiful! I love it. Though I can't help but notice how Katara-ish Mary looks. xD

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It's a wonderful picture, and yes, I do know what's going on.
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It look beautiful, is that the Virgin Mary?
But it looks great^_^
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Aww. So awesome!! :+fav:
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I never thought I'd be this pleased with something non-Avatar. *Brick'd*

But honestly, this is wonderful. Mary's face and posture are perfect for the scene. And you've got such a nice background...! Excellent. <3
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I think you pulled off the background pretty nicely! :)

This is amazing! Mary looks beautiful, and I love how you did the wings of the angel(is it Gabriel? I have a NIV bible, so I don't know.)! ^_^

Good work, 08! :D

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