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Chivalry is Not Dead

This was a gift for the awesome people at The Heaven's Lotus [link] an excellent and active LeeTen group over on the Naruto Forums.

....I like to subvert gender roles every once in a while in my shipping pictures, and the world of Naruto (with chakra control granting me an ability to disregard such things as, say, the usual difference in strength/weight/height between sexes) gives me free reign to do so.

Silly Lee, overdoing it on the Reverse Lotus or something; you should probably find a new place to rest your head, though, before Tenten finishes reprimanding you for your recklessness and actually notices anything.
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You have no idea how much I love every part of this! :3
I love their facial expressions.
Guest-1001's avatar
I'd love for a girl to carry me like this. Nice job. :)
xXMusic-MuseXx's avatar
:D I can't think of anything else to say but this: AWESOME. Adorable. 
Wimpe's avatar
"Chivalry is Not Dead"

And it's a good thing for Lee that it isn't.  This wussified adaptation of him looks like it needs some serious protection. :)
raintalker's avatar
Gyaaaaaaah!! :love: YES!!!!
Lovely-Joker's avatar
Ahaha that's awesome!
Yeah girlpower :D
redchinese's avatar
this is adorable aksjfhdsj <3
leiaah's avatar
hahahaha, awwww, lee's just snuggled in, hasn't he :D
this is really cute ^^
eSophS's avatar
Girl power!!!! And i just expression is just adorable! :love:
KakaGaiFangirl's avatar
Ohh, this is ADORABLE!!:iconhurrdurrplz:
TecuciztecatlOcelotl's avatar
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... So in character... :love:
PiUpCrustsDown's avatar
aww, I love lee's face and subdued body language --- such a cutey! :D
(And Tenten rocks as usual. :D)
Kiitsi's avatar
Okay, you must have realized my love for you now. <3 THIS IS SO AMAZING. Everything. Yes. Omg. :iconbigheartplz:
YamiKageHiraki's avatar
well lee feels loved and O///O like that XD
Baby--Joe's avatar
I love Lee's expression in this.
Hippocrepiform's avatar
Fantastic concept! I love it when the girl gets to be the rescuer. Chakra for the win! :heart:
Jyukai-Koudan's avatar
Aww, I love this! :love: This is something that could happen.
Nice work!
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