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You know, I can sort of see this happening when they're about 18 and 24, respectively; it'd probably start with a precocious crush on Jinora's part and then evolve from there. Jinora's serious demeanor combined with Bolin's comedic one is a mesh I wouldn't mind.

She's reading to him.
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I actually really like this couple
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yeah, pema's like 16 years younger than tenzin. age is clearly not an issue in this show ;) love it!
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Oh man I ship it...
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Oh, it sort of remind me of Ron and Hermione. Although I don't see them bickering like the Gryffindors did
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Huh. I hadn't thought about this pairing, but now that you've drawn it... I suppose it could happen. He's young for his age, she's old for hers.
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Dang I ship it...
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I ship this >:D
....and that's actually pretty unique because I never ship anything if I'm not 90% sure it will be canon, but dayum, I ship this xD
also: goatee :3 yay
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My favorite Bolin ship. :XD:
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oh thought about that a while ago too and liked! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one :P they'd be so cool together! *-* nice drawing btw!
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AHH WHY DOSE EVERYONE DO THIS!? T_T It felt odd shipping Tokka with the Age difference... This is so much worse... But so Adorable!
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It's only a six year difference, though. Between adults, six years is nothing.
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>_> Explain that to Tenzen :-P
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Tenzin would have no business saying anything, since his wife is 16 years younger than he is. :XD:
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...I really wanna see this is a fanfic now...That being tossed out and Tenzin caught off guard...
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*dies* Head canon accepted!
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She's perfect! ;A; And Bolin is so amazing >u<
I approve of this pairing, soo much.. <3
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This is so cute, i approve it. Because Jinora is so perfect :'3
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Does Bolin even know how to read?
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I don't know! If he does, he's probably not very good at it: it's not like he had time to formally attend school. Maybe Jinora teaches him sometime in the future.
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Hmmm... I think I could get on board with this ship. :) Also your designs for them are excellent!
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As long as the ages are about 18 and 24, respectively, I have to say this is a pretty awesome ship. :D
Poor Jinora doesn't have much to do in the series and I really love her as a character. :)

Awesome piece! :)
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While I still love the idea of Borra... This pairing would be adorable and perfect, and I would love it just as much. :nod: I love their more "grown up" looks, too.
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