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A Tip of the Hat

By xcgirl08
I know I've said it before, but I loved this guy's character design: especially during the parts where Bruce Smith managed to make him look like he was made of noodles and wire.

Those dance moves, man. Crazy stuff.

Dr. Facilier belongs to Disney, I own nothing, etc. As always, any comments/critiques/suggestions/incoherent babbling are welcome.

EDIT: Ha, almost 100 favorites on this thing already? You guys are silly. :XD:
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Awesomeness! :3
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I do like the character design, like a tap dancer with those flashy shoes...and I think it's funny that his tummy's exposed. Lovely work
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best villian ever :)
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I agree! This char has a great design.
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Just lookit that handsome voodoo devil! Great job!
fireworksinice's avatar
Who could say no to noodles and wire? X'D
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Love the semi-realistic look you gave him. Makes him even sexier than he already is! :drool: :iconpervplz:
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Best creepy villian guy ever!
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I agree - his design is great! :D

Your take is very nicely drawn - I like the sketchy lines and the pose and anatomy is working there. :)
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our silliness is directed towards your marvelous rendition of the Doctor.

Good job.
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god, i love this guy!
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"How ya doin'?"

Ah, he was so suave and devilish and just...full-on Disney villain. The best part for authenticity? The eye-shot. After his song, the screen faded out, leaving only his eyes for a moment...which is a signature trait. =D

He looks great here. ^_^
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He's not my favorite male Disney Villain, but he definitively wins at best design for a male Disney Villain IMO,I have a fetish for those kind of designs :love:, tall and ridiculously skinny characters(I love Jack Skellington and Victor Van Dort for example ), plus the awesome clothes= perfect :3, I love love the part when he's turning Naveen into a frog and a colorful skull mask appears and changes on his face :D "Friends on the other side" was my favorite song of the movie

nice job in here, I like the pose :)
SnapShotDicer's avatar
Dr. Facilier <3 Awesome job! I love that mischievous look on his face 8D
xcgirl08's avatar
Thanks! :thanks:

Gotta love the devious looks, of course.
SnapShotDicer's avatar
You're welcome!

Of course. |D
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Hands down I finally have a favorite male Disney villain. Until The Princess and the Frog they've been female like Ursula and Maleficent.

I adore everything about the Dr. I love his voice, I love his character design (especially that top hat) and I love his song. I constantly listen to it on my I-pod.

Great job.
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I still need to download it. ARE YOU REAAADDDYYYYYY....

Thank you very much!
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