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Windows Media Player 12

:windows: Windows Media Player 12 For Winamp.

:bulletgreen: For new updates access from this page.

:new: New Update 16.10.09.

:bulletred: Req: winamp 5.56 download here

:bulletblue: I made this skin that you love to use XP or Vista fits perfectly with any theme of
7 match the skin at the Wmp 12.

UPDATE: 29.05.2011: This skin is outdate and i will working on this soon.
Please use this wmp 12 basic for winamp [link]
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Too bad, this skin is outdated and doesn't work on Winamp in Windows 8.1 (even with AeroGlass).
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::: (_)( )..*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*
*: (=' :') ::: ::::thank you
•.. (,('')('')¤...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*
..(=•_•= )
(¯`•\|/•´¯)♥ ↓↓
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HEY MAN, i don't know if you tried it before to publish it but it doesn't work even with winamp 5.56. First time we launch it just the equalizer appear and the background hidden which totally anormal. PLEASE CHECK IT AGAIN
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I know this but this skin it's outdate because have problem with some code in xml anyway try version basic work perfect and look amazing, i know some people like this version aero but i'm not work anymore on this.
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great job! thanks I love it
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thanks :P try my new wmp 12 basic for winamp :) this skin is outdate :))
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I will do thanks
Hmm, I don't know why, but the skin doesn't work for me. I tried without any other skin installed and I even tried out with the cPro-Plugin, but no positive effect.

Here's a screen of what I see, when I use the skin:


Winamp: 5.56
Windows: 7
Lang: German

Do you have any hint?

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this is a problem works only with my old skin,one to solve this skin.try more basic version here is [link]
This issue is caused of the skin and cannot be solved? Damn. :(

I tested the skin with Winamp 5.56 on WinXP-x86 ... same issue.
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Brilliant, beautiful work - you should be proud of your efforts. :)
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we are
ty very mutch
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hi.the skin is very good but I see very sad, because the left side there is a big waste of space, maybe something can place there
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the playlist doesnt work right ... when i push tracks out of the folder over the playlist than he play the track and clear the playlist, not queuing, what he should do ^^

but the skins is really great, i love it :)
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update last winamp 5.56 will be working playlist.
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there are some bugs nothing its perfect
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ah, and i cant resize the playlist to read the whole song name :)
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like i sad nothing its perfect sorry
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Really an excellent job! Thanks :)
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try new update i fixed button white etc.
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try now i fixed the problem with the title and buttons now see title and buttons to cover
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