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Swedish Bedroom

By xcEmUx
Hi there,
my entry for the Evermotion Contest 2011.
Hope you like it, you can find another render here: [link]
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Nice render. Looks quite realistic. The only thing I'd say is if you're putting plants close enough to the camera, make sure the leaves look more realistic. Because now it looks fake and ruins the whole feel of reality. A normal or a bump map would to the trick in making it look better.
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Yeah, you´re right, the choice of the plant wasn´t so good, but sadly it´s too late to change :/
Nevertheless thank you very much for the feedback ! :)
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No problem, it's not a big problem, but keep it in mind next time. Good work. ^^
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nice n simple!!!soft colors...i like the blanket!
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Thank you ! :)
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The realism of this render is absolutely amazing! Well done! :iconbadassplz:
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Thank you very much ! :)
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you're welcome :)
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nice render, but I feel your bed side tables are a bit to tall, in thinking of when i get up in the morning, I would grab my glasses and mobile phone, trying to get them of that table, I would just fall out of bed lol but the rest is looking nice =D
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Thanks, you´re right :D
But my references were just like that and i wanted to "recreate" such a room so they have to be that tall, although it´s really uncomfortable ^^
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well that's understandable
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damn that link in your description is the most realistic render i've ever seen! And i've seen a lot..
Please tell me your lighting setup, render settings and what kind of materials you used!

keep it up man
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Dankjewell mate ! :D
The lighting setup is actually very simple, a VRayLightDome with a blueish color for some atmosphere, a VRaySun + a VRaySky as main light and a large VRay LightPlane directing inside the room.
Beside those main lights of course some smaller SphereLights inside the lamps. :)
The Rendersettings were very simply, too, just Irridiance Map as Primary and Light Cache for the Secondary Bounces..
0,005 Noise threshold, Reinhard Color Mapping and Mitchel Netravali as DMC Anti Aliasing Filter.

For the materials i´ve mostly used textures from which color corrected and afterwards used as Reflection / Glossiness / Bumptextures, too.

Hope that helped a bit :)
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Very nice composition!
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