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My latest project, hope you like it ! :)

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I would really like to have this as my own room ! Really calm and nice colours and outside sight :meow: ! Nice man ;)
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Nothing compared to yours, but thank you ! :)
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Thank you ! :)
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Thanks so much ! :)
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Oh, it's very nice..!
So peaceful and relaxing..! :)
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I like this! It's simple yet really beautiful and I love the big window :D
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Reallu nice, except the pillows and trees outside is hard to not think that this is not real :D
Also the art piece from the wall, you should try and set it at a better angle as it dsnt look glued to the wall but more contra gravity, like coming towards you instead of being glued to the wall if you get what i mean. i really like it though, faved :)
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:D The trees are real, just badly added in photoshop :P
Thanks so much for the :+fav: i really appreciate that (and your critiques, too, thanks a lot for that ! :))
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My pleasure, i like to be pointed out my mistakes so i can improve. So im glad i could help you :)
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nice and simple :)
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simple but SO effective thanks to you i may get back to my bedroom project xD thanks and beautiful picture btw
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:D That´s great, give it a try !
Thank you ! :)
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will do :D and no problem
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Great start, but with a few noticeable flaws. The key one is the red pillows look a little stiff and weightless. There are also some weird shadows occurring on the edge of the cabinet on the right. Also, the lighting doesn't seem to match up with the trees outside. As I said, great start, this has potential.

Dudz @
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Thanks a lot for your feedback ! :)
Yeah, the strange shadows on the edge of the cabinet are artifacts i think, caused by the low settings :S
You´re right with the backplate, too, i don´t have a lucky hand for this, i usually just let it white, but in this case i decided to put an image in it, otherwise it would have looked bit too bright / boring ^^
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Fantastic lighting :)
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