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HEADS UP the file is large! 


This is the new official vetehi guide for MYO making feat. my new vetehi & group mascot Amor who I used here to illustrate most of the traits & extra. I'm sorry it's kind of messy, graphic design really isn't my strongest suit & I had to prioritize quantity over quality, but I hope it's good enough! And as always, you're free to ask me anything regarding vetehi and how stuff works. Big thanks to callilux @ TH for proofreading this to me!

Also check out this simple visual guide for subtypes of vetehi (not tied to rarities; trait guide still applies to their traits
Vetehi Subtypes by apumies

Vetehi are a closed subspecies created by me; don't make your own without an official MYO slot! 
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Would it be considered a rare or super rare trait, if a Vetehi techinically had double horns, but only three of them ever grew to be proper horns? Also are broken horns considered an unmentioned type? I'm assuming they wouldn't be, since scars and other injuries are free game for all, but wanted to make sure before I commit to my MYO design. :,D