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LR Preset : Strong Landscape

Hi Everyone, im new here in deviant art, and i decide to start 'cause i want to share with you guys some presets or actions that i have been trying to do :) Hope you like it.

Download it in MediaFire HERE

Well, this is a really cool preset, i really like how it works, and if you dont like the sky, you can change it with the adobe photoshop software, i mean, that's what i did in This Photography

So, let's see how it works in yours (: I will Apreciate all your comments :) Thanks :D

You can Also Visit my Flickr Here
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These are pretty cool.
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how does this work? it's just a text file
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em it's not a text file, did u download it from 'mediafire' ?? ...
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yes I got it from mediafire
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well, then the archive should be an LRtemplate and it should work /: i dont understand why it doesnt work for you /: sorry
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I tried to rename it and got it to work........the download gives a file with .txt on the end. Remove the txt part and all is well
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cant wait to use these on the holiday shot i am gonna get next week
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haha (: and i cant wait that you share your shots with us (:
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