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EvolutionX is a winamp 5 skin I have been working on for a very long time in the past. I even had to retrace my sketch and start brushing from scratch again. Please note that this skin is not finished yet and is a work in prgress. There are still some tweakings needed like shading and colormatching (just to name a few).

As for now this skin is pretty much on hold as I am busy doing other things. but nevertheless skins are my passion as I got plenty more offline still as work in progress :)

enjoy the preview
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We are now in 2014, and I'm sure you are still working on that skin !! Just give up !!
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mindblowing! please finish it!
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I haven't comment on DA for a damn long time, but this skin made me want to do it, damn good job. I hope this comes out as you planned.
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thanks for the great compliment, you just made my day :)

Yeah, I just signed at a forum where coders can help me finish this skin. First I have to work out of my busy schedule :)
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I think it's an awsome winamp skin, the design is neat =) Noice!
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Thanks, Im glad you like it :). I've got more that still need to be posted. Hope to finish brushing them soon.
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i can't believe there aren't any comments. this skin roxx0rs. keep it up!
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thanks man. Yeah I think it's because this is posed under Scraps rather than Interface.
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well, then move it to interfaces or something :)
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