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xCaitycatx's Profile Picture
United States
Hey, I'm Caity. :) I'm just your average girl, I suppose. I'm no good at drawing, that much is certain. I can recolor, for the most part, and I am (or at least I'd like to believe I am) good with Photoshop. I am a Brony (or Pegasister if that's what you prefer), obviously. Not looking for any hate though, so take that shit elsewhere. ;P I like to write, I just don't do it often enough anymore. I love cats if you couldn't already tell from my username. =P Music is an avid passion for me. I love music more than anything else. :) I can't really think of anything else to say, so just drop a note, and get to know me. See ya!

[[Fun Fact: I'm totally not a hipster, but I just love the way Hipster glasses look. :P]]
1. Are you highly attracted to anyone right now?
Mmmm, just one person. One amazing person. <3

2. If someone looked ON your bed, what would they find?
Uh... some pillows... a comforter... a stuffed dog... and probably a towel from this morning.

3. Last person to take off your pants?

4. Have you ever sneaked someone over to your house?
Uhhhhhhhh... not that I can recall, no.

5. How do you feel about your hair right now?

6. Do you hate it when people try to play with your hair?

7. Could you go a day without eating?

8. Did you speak to your father today?
... No.

9. If someone liked you, would you want them to tell you?

10. Would you be able to name everyone you kissed this year?

11. Would you rather have your parents catch you having sex or smoking weed?
LOL, Having sex. Definitely. I'd never live it down if they caught me smoking weed.

12. How many drugs are in your system?
Uhhh... painkillers.

13. Do you fall for people easily?
I have no idea.

14. When is the next time you will kiss someone of the opposite sex?
Uhhh, no clue. What am I, an oracle?

15. Do you have to sleep with a television on?
Yes. It's too dark to sleep with it off.

16. Has anyone said they love you in the last week?
Mhm. This morning, actually.

17. Think back to June... Who did you like?
IIIIIIIIIIII have no id-- WAIT, I was in a relationship with a person who is now my ex.

18. Do you have a secret that you've never told ANYONE?

19. What were you doing before you sat down at the computer?
Uh, I was at band practice, and before that I was in school.

20. Are you a very opinionated person? Or do you keep mum about things?
I try to keep everything to myself, though I do form LOTS of opinions I don't share.

21. So I have to know, what are your thoughts on 2012?

22. Have you had a very good day? Or was it bad? Why or why not?
It was just another day.

23. Is your favorite color stereotypical for your gender?
I don't know? I like purple... and blue... and black. So... I have no idea.

24. If you had to choose someone to sleep next to every night, and wake up to, who would it be?

26. Are you happy?
I'm fine. Just tired.

27. Will tomorrow be better than today?
Probably not.

28. Were you happy when you woke up today?
Not really.

29. What mood are you in right now?

30. When was the last time you held hands with someone?
When I was being forcibly dragged down the band field sometime last week by a friend of mine.

31. Do you like someone right now?
No, I love someone.

32. Will you regret your next kiss?
AGAIN, What am I, a motherfucking Oracle? >>

33. Who was the last person you gave the finger to?
My 'self-claimed' little brother, Tyler. He smacked my cymbal, and and I flipped him off.

34. Have you ever liked someone older then you?

35. Do you like your name?
My name? Eh. Not really.

36. Have you ever talked to a cop drunk?

37. Do you miss someone right now?
Not really. Though I do wonder where my Richard is.

38. How would your parents react if you got a tattoo?
PFFT, They'd go ape shit.

39. Was this the best summer of your life?
Summer? I'm in school.

40. The past two nights, where did you sleep?
In my bed.

41. Who's the person that hurt you most in life?

42. Do you still talk to them?
... No.

43. Hungry?
Not really.

44. Do you keep a journal?
It's called 'Tumblr' my friends. Journals of the future.
  • Listening to: Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson
  • Reading: 'Stormchaser' by Paul Stewart
  • Watching: Doctor Who S6:E14
  • Eating: Burnt Pizza
  • Drinking: Coke ICEE


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