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--July 24--

The other is failing so I'm starting another =D

I really wanted to attempt one of my own to the song:
Eros and Apollo by Studio Killers.

Each line may have 1 person assigned to it.
You may chose any and all you want, as long as you get them done, but please no more than 3-4 to a person

To sign up, just comment with the line you wish.

Haven't heard the song? Click the… to have a taste~!!
Video May Be Inappropriate to Some Audiences. Please ask for Lyric Only if you want.

When you create your picture:
--Please be sure to have the lyrics featured somewhere within it. If not, I will add them into it myself.
--Use one (or multiple) of your own characters, or any character you wish, to create a pic for the lyric you chose.
((No sexual/pornographic pictures will be allowed. Gore is fine.))
--Please LINK me to your uploaded photo! I will not hunt for it.

--July 24--

Try to Spread the Word
If I am unable to fill every spot, I will not be able to upload the completed video.

Will be :bulletgreen: when OPEN
Will be stroked thru when TAKEN:
Will be :bulletred: when FINISHED:

((:bulletpurple: notes for me))

1) Yeah, with a boy like that it's serious xCailinMurre :bulletred:

2) There's a boy who is so wonderful xCailinMurre :bulletred:
3) Girls who see him kinda follow him back home PerytonFeast :bulletred:
4) And the gigolo's run like spiders when he comes toxic-nightcore :bulletred:
5) Cause he is Eros and he's Apollo Miss-Cellaneous23 :bulletred:

6) Girls, with a boy like that it's serious CalicoCatWithShades :bulletred:
7) Señoritas, don't follow him Mariki699
8) Soon, he will eat your hearts like cereals Zacaria-Lain :bulletred:
9) Sweet lolitas, don't go Mariki699
10) You're still young Miiroku :bulletred:

11) Every night they fall like dominoes RainingRaven :bulletred:
12) How he does it, only Heaven knows skapelser :bulletred:
13) All the other men turn gay wherever he goes jaspering :bulletred:
14) Wow! RainingRaven :bulletred:

15) Girls, with a boy like that it's serious 9999poppy :bulletred:
16) Señoritas, don't follow him AlbinoDoe :bulletred:
17) Soon, he will eat your hearts like cereals AlbinoDoe :bulletred:
18) Sweet lolitas, don't go Thunderheart13 :bulletred:
19) You're still young Thunderheart13 :bulletred:

20) Yeah, with a boy like that it's serious TheRainyWolf :bulletred:
21) Señoritas, don't go ping600 :bulletred:
22) Please don't go jaspering :bulletred:
23) Soon, he will eat your hearts like cereals brandy212 :bulletred:
24) Sweet lolitas, don't go michikodarkkitsune :bulletred:
25) You're still young DesertDruid :bulletred:
26) Sweet lolitas, don't go InfernoOblivion :bulletred:

27) You're still young... CheapBones


In case of Drop Outs, please ask about Filling In:

--Fill Ins--

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Where will we be able to find the video when you finish it?