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Bird Head And Beak Study

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I had an absolutely fabulous time today at our local Museum~ I had asked my grandma if I could go their today, my free day off school, to draw some of the wildlife they have on display there. I spent at least 3-4 hours on the Michigan Wild Life floor. After I had gone and looked over all the animals, I got the urge to begin drawing. The wide array of avian in their collection was too remarkable to pass up~ In my drawing class, we've been discussing shape lines, finding the 'round/flatness' of an object before we begin shading and highlighting. I decided at first to simply study the forms of the variety of beaks, but I soon found the rest of the heads too beautiful to pass up. If only I'd had more time~ My grandmother was coming at 3 to get me, but I still had another 20 whole minutes and I surely didnt want to waste them! So I sketched an own real quick. The angling was so lovely, but I didnt have time to get in the finer details.

I really fancy that Double-Crested Cormorant~ He was freaking huge and absolutely beautiful~


Black-Crowned Night Heron: I started with him, simply looking for the shape of his stunning blackish bill. It's a rather odd bill, and I still dont feel as though I got it down properly. Next time, I plan to draw the complete bird~

Pied-Billed Grebe: It was so CUTE~ I mostly worked to shape his beak as well as add the particular pattern to it. I attempted more of the outer shape of the head, but didn't get into details of it's 'roundness.'

Great Heron: The Great Heron was one of my favorites. He was a beautiful solid white with a splendid orangey-yellow bill. I didn't particularly work to round it out, but rather added bit of detail to give it a bit more form.

Double-Crested Cormorant: He was one of the most bizarre birds of the collection. He was such a creepy looking bird- I was enticed to sketch him <3 He's one of my favorites~ He was one of the first I worked to round out not only his peculiar beak, but also his fashionable head~

Black Duck: The Black Duck was surrounded by her ducklings, but I sadly didn't have a chance to sketch of of them! The differences in their shape from baby to adulthood was pretty neat to look at. I plan to sketch one next time. The Black Duck was entire used to focus on the shaping of the head on bill. Ducks are very rounded creatures, but the bill is an awful challenge~

Greater Prairie Chicken: The one stuck out to me as well. I spent quite a lot of my time attempting to round him out, but finally gave up and chose to fill in it's markings instead.

Short-Eared Owl: I adore owls~ With 20 minutes left of my stay, I sketched up a fluffy little creature perched at the bottom of the showcase. It's feathers were gorgeous; it must have been quite a looker in life~ With a flatish, fluffy face, particularly around the hooked beak and cheeks, I just had fun with the drawing rather than studying for anything specific. I only wish I could have depicted more of it's markings~


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Good, good XDD