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Loreto Vildoso

Loreto Vildoso
Artist | Porfessiona Designerl

Estudiante de Diseño en la Universidad de Valparaíso.
Lectora compulsiva.
Dibujante compulsiva.

...Since I made a journal about trace, but as ever Deviantart staff dissapoint me again. Here the thing, most of you know that I dont allow any use of my fanarts (edits and trace, nor recolor) and respect that but it came a long time ago that I found an user of DA (CELINA8) that make one of my fanarts (and many other fanarts) a free base to use. As you may guess, that person have not asked me anything and do it, so I dont know how many time was that thing uploaded till the day I was abble to report and delete that deviant nor I know how many people actually downloaded the stolen version of my fanart. So there was no surprise when I found so many pics traced over my drawing without consent (that I will not give, by the way) 

But this time I have an issue. Here es the thing, this person used my fanart and traced over it to make a collab and DA staff did nothing even if it explicit trace (a flip version trace) but as its only part of the pic, then DA do nothing about it.

Here is the original version of my fanart:

Sakura Haruno RCD I by xCaeli

And this one is the traced version used for a collab:
Udzuma Miyuki and Haru Sohma [COLLAB] by MrSadistics

I think its quite obvious, does not it? Please help me out with this (nothing violent if you leave a message) and be aware in case this user continue to do this, since there are other fanarts traced (like one original made by Angelcake12).   
Okay, this will be a MEGA HIPER looong list.

This time, I will have 40 slots open for DA commissions and 10 slots open for IG. Please remember you can ask for an slot in my instagram here: XCAELI

Here the rules for my commissions

  • PLEASE, before you ask for a slot, make sure you will be able to pay.
  • Payment must be sent within 24 hrs. from the moment you take the slot.
  • If you not pay within 24 hrs, your slot will be open again for other user to take.

  • Comment below to take an slot and send me a note with details of your character(s) (please be specific)

  • The limit of slots per persons will be 3, please remember that. 

  • Description are not allowed. Please send pictures references. 
  • I have the right to decline a commission if I think I can't do it. 
  • I DONT DO mechas, furry, hentai, yaoi, yuri, ecchi, animals nor real people, please dont pressure me to draw them. 
New Commission Prices by xCaeli

1. HatakeHime | PAID | DONE
2. HatakeHime | PAID | DONE
3. HatakeHime | PAID | DONE
4. Saturnflower | PAID | DONE
5. Saturnflower | PAID | DONE
6. mokiiro | PAID | DONE
7. mokiiro | PAID | DONE
8. mokiiro | PAID | DONE
9. livinabox22 | PAID | DONE
10. livinabox22 | PAID | DONE
11. livinabox22 | PAID | DONE
12.lienyao| PAID| DONE
13. DarkFaerieNyroc13 | PAID | DONE
14. DarkFaerieNyroc13 | PAID | DONE
15. RueSoul | PAID| DONE
16. leiluy | PAID| DONE
17. lethanavir | PAID| DONE
18. lethanavir | PAID| DONE
19. Kormyou | PAID| DONE
20. Kormyou | PAID| DONE
21. SeelenKaetzchen | PAID | DONE
22. SeelenKaetzchen | PAID | DONE
23. Deidarakitty | PAID | DONE
24. Konsu4 | PAID | DONE
25. Konsu4 | PAID | DONE
26. SimPlyPlaIn42 | PAID | SKETCH
27. SimPlyPlaIn42 | PAID | 
28. Saturnflower | PAID |
29. Deidarakitty | PAID |
30. Eleanor-Devil | PAID |
31. Eleanor-Devil | PAID |
32. RueSoul | PAID |
33. RueSoul | PAID |
34. lienyao | PAID |
35. hanaiiro | PAID |
36. Deidarakitty | PAID |
37. xYoongs | PAID |
38. Baztey | PAID |
1. Silicavaleria 
| PAID |
2. Silicavaleria 
| PAID |
3. Cupajoart | PAID |
4. Kissicchi | PAID |
5. Kobayashisoul.ocs | PAID |


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Linked-Memories Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018   Digital Artist
I really like your art, and despite me not supporting NaruSaku that much, it made much more sense for them to become a couple after the end of the manga than NaruHina? Ah well. But really, I think your art looks amazing :)
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zahira321 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018
Sorry I was busy but happy late birthday .
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CodeHeaven Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018
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Feliz Cumpleaños!
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Feliz cumpleaños! Espero que la pases muy bonito.Hug 
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