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Candied Roses
Beppi stood on top of the carousel, not caring it was unsafe. He always performed unsafe shenanigans. He was reckless and insane. He often climbed on top of his rides or did crazy stunts. He didn’t care. He was slightly deranged, but the true reason was because he loved seeing all the happy faces on the children. He loved watching their eyes light up with wonder at the rides. He loved watching people scream with glee and fun from the rides. He loved entertaining his guests, seeing the smiles stretch across their faces, hearing the cackle of laughter as they gripped their sides. He loved the buttery smell of popcorn, saltiness of pretzels, spice of cinnamon on churros and the pure sweetness of cotton candy. All of it filled his heart to the top with pure bliss.
The clown overlooked his domain proudly. He had everything he could ever want. His dream which he sold his soul to the Devil for, was a huge success. Business was booming, money was growing, people were happy. Heck, he even
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Lori Boo
United States
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My Tumblr:

:bulletpink:I write Pitcest Fanfics:bulletpink:
My Fanfictions:……

I like these things:
:bulletgreen:Cartoons :bulletgreen:Disney :bulletgreen:Reading :bulletgreen:Writing
:bulletgreen:Owls :bulletgreen:Guniea pigs
:bulletgreen:Dancing/Singing :bulletgreen:Doodling :bulletgreen:Musicals :bulletgreen:Theatre
:bulletgreen:Studio Ghibi Movies :bulletgreen:Pokemon :bulletgreen: Mermaids

Video Games
:bulletgreen:The Legend of Zelda:bulletgreen:Kid Icarus
:bulletgreen: Basically anything from Nintendo :bulletgreen:The Sims :bulletgreen:World of Warcraft :bulletgreen:Dragon Age
:bulletgreen:Uncharted :bulletgreen:Kingdom Hearts:bulletgreen:Pokemon
:bulletgreen:Epic Mickey :bulletgreen:Five Nights at Freddy's

Animes I like (No Specific Order)
:bulletgreen: Princess Tutu :bulletgreen:Soul Eater :bulletgreen:Rurouni Kenshin :bulletgreen:Black Butler :bulletgreen:Fullmetal Alchemist :bulletgreen:Fruits Basket :bulletgreen: My Bride is a Mermaid :bulletgreen:Love Hina :bulletgreen:Moonphase :bulletgreen:Dangan Ronpa :bulletgreen:DRAMAtical murder

Cartoon & Tv Shows
:bulletgreen:90s Nickelodeon (Hey Arnold! Doug, Rocko's Modern Life etc) :bulletgreen:Avatar: TLA & LOK :bulletgreen:Adventure Time :bulletgreen:Regular Show :bulletgreen:Gravity Falls :bulletgreen:Bob's Burgers :bulletgreen:The Advenutures of Merlin :bulletgreen:Family Guy :bulletgreen:King of the Hill
:bulletgreen:Dragons: Riders of Berk :bulletgreen:Futurama :bulletgreen:Cake Boss :bulletgreen:Jersey Shore :bulletgreen:My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic :bulletgreen:Law & Order: SVU :bulletgreen:How I Met Your Mother:bulletgreen:KND Codename:Kids Next Door :bulletgreen:Fairly Oddparents :bulletgreen:Danny Phantom :bulletgreen:Jimmy Neutron :bulletgreen:Drake & Josh :bulletgreen:Code Lyoko :bulletgreen:Invader Zim :bulletgreen:Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends :bulletgreen:Chowder :bulletgreen:The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack :bulletgreen:Ed Edd & Eddy :bulletgreen:Supernatural :bulletgreen:Dead Zone :bulletgreen:Once Upon a Time :bulletgreen:Suits

Top Favorite Movies
:bulletgreen:Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit :bulletgreen:The Producers :bulletgreen:Wreck-it Ralph :bulletgreen:Secondhand Lions :bulletgreen:Thumbelina:bulletgreen:The Last Unicorn

Top Favorite Villians
:bulletgreen:Dr Evil (Austin Powers):bulletgreen:Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons) :bulletgreen:Lord Ghirahim (LoZ:SS) :bulletgreen:Syndrone (The Incredibles) :bulletgreen:Hades (Hercules and Kid Icarus: Uprising) :bulletgreen:Scar (The Lion King)

People I know in real life
:iconphantomlatte::iconsarasarasahara::iconkikifoo: :iconsierracc:

Check out this collab my sister and I are doing.
Asleep in the Silent Realm
CC-LoZ SS: Asleep in the Silent Realm by PhantomLatte Part Two: Asleep in the Silent Realm by PhantomLatte Part three: Asleep in the Silent Realm by PhantomLatte Part Four: Asleep in the Silent Realm by PhantomLatte Part Five: Asleep in the Silent Realm by PhantomLatte Part Six- Asleep in the Silent Realm by PhantomLatte

Sorry for inactivity!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 24, 2018, 3:31 PM

I'm sure by now you guys are rolling your eyes with these journals lol Seems like i'm only on to apologize for being inactive. This year has been really tough on me. I've been depressed, lost all but one guinea pig, financially struggling and such. It's been really hard and I appreciate everyone still following me. I feel so bad leaving you guys wondering where I am. Idk why but DA is just more difficult for me to be on than tumblr which is why I'm more active there. I'm not gonna keep promising to be better at being active on here because it seems like I never keep that promise. I'll simply TRY to be on here more. I won't promise. I'll try.

I'm not in a great place right now. I cannot financially afford my apartment anymore so I'm trying to move to a cheaper place which is hard when my work hardly gives hours. So now i'm trying to find another job while going to school. That's probably the only positive thing that's going on in my life right now. Finally back in school, finally know what I wanna do with my life.

Anyways, I need to get ready for class. Again, I'll try to be more active. I won't ask but if you want to help me with my financial issue, My commissions are open. If anything, advertising my commissions helps me also. Any type of help, I appreciate!

Thank you all for being so understanding and patient! I hope everything is going well in your lives. I know I've got a lot on my plate but if you guys need someone to vent or talk to, I'm here for you. I reply to notes much easier than comments, or if anything you can msg me on tumblr. I'm here for you guys just like you're here for me <3

Have a wonderful day/evening

What should I draw for Pitcest Halloween? Leave a comment with your vote! 

24 deviants said Something spooky
15 deviants said Nintendo related
3 deviants said Movie related
1 deviant said Other


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