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Hey! I know I've been gone for a while now and I'm very happy to announce that I'll be uploading my pictures! After 4 months of busy busy school, band camp, and thinking I had no camera I realized that my computer had a camera that can actually make the pictures turn out decent >.< (silly me) So, today I'll be uploading a picture that I did today from Gumi's wrinkle video or shiwa and I hope u like it :D I decided to add a bit of my style into it because I sorta like my style and I need to improve on it. I must warn u tho the quality is decent, but no as decent as I wish it'd be taking the picture wise, so the word "wrinkle" will not be very legible.

I will be uploading more pics today I'm a bit overwhelmed atm of what I want to upload because there's so many idk where to start and yea I'll get on that lol. I really hope you like it :D

As far as uploads go, mostly will be in sketch format as in black and white or maybe some colored penciled in, but my color pencils are CRAPPY so idk. I got gimp recently, but I'm still learning the nack of it so please bare with me for now. 

I also recently am applying for a job and waiting to call back tomorrow, so idk if that's gonna interfere with upload's but I don't think it should. I'm also gonna be showing some pics I uploaded that show what I felt through my hard time I had during my post July through August, kinda had my heart smashed off the ground and got some scars, but I'm trying to deal with it and move on, so I'll do some tributes to u guys who had ur heart broken and rough.  

Anyways, love u all and hope ur days be bright an hope that ur art improves and excells!

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