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Hey! Well many things happened since September and yea, its been crazy O.O ill edit the mood later since my phone wont let me ;__;

So for reals this trip im gonna be uploading starting today and forward 😃 I'm gonna be uploading some pictures I've done over the past months up till today :)

Even tho I have no scanner, I got a working phone and camera to do digital art now 😄

Over the past months since September ive grown to be a better person and learned from the hardships that were thrown at me like my first love ending for example.

Ive learned that anyone who has done me wrong, I thank them for that because without them, I wouldn't be the person I am today :)

So with that note, I'll be incorporating my own life experiences into my art work more to better express myself 😄

So yea, I'll be graduating soon and that means college... Yay lol I might be moving to Utah so it might slow the work flow of my art in the future, so ill keep u all updated for sure on that!

Enough with my blabbing and let the art work uploads begin ^w^
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