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Hey! It's me again and I've got some updates about a few things!


Sadly, not being able to win the contest at my school on Friday, I won't be able to upload any HD or good art work until I get a scanner :(

But there's still hope! I've been working on a some artwork for my pencilmadness account and will for sure post it here for you all to see :) Uploads will be going at a slow, but sure rate, so sit tight and aboard the kitsune train ^.^ (That sounded really weird and corny XD)

My Clannad fanart to be honest, I was not expecting to turn out THAT good. I know I draw good, but never once I drew something like that lol. It means a lot to me and it's one of my all time FAVORITE shows! (even thought I quit it 2 times due to serious emotional effects with the series, in basic terms, the " I got the FEELS" hammer or "What the fudge, this cannot be happening!!" hammer.) 

----Computer Fair-----
Well, I havent started on anything yet... I know I need to get my butt moving on it since it's only 3 weeks away. I'll upload the video I'll be making here (if possible) or onto some site I'll tell u more about if that happens. Otherwise, paperwork's filled out and I'm ready to start. 

Life's usual and going well. Saw my older sister for the first time in a year or more. Very Very Happy about that. For the most part doing fine :/
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