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Mei Suzumiya




Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
  • Nov 1, 1993
  • United Kingdom
  • Deviant for 13 years
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My Bio
Interests: Drawing/Illustration, Singing, Gaming, Anime & Manga, Mixing & Audio Work

Dislikes: Mushrooms, Disorganization, Dr Pepper, Growing up

Current Residence: London, UK.
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Post Hardcore & Japanese Pop
Favourite style of art: Cartoon & Manga
Favourite cartoon characters: Craig Tucker (South Park), Applejack (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Taiga Aisaka (ToraDora), Ampharos (Pokemon)

Fandoms include;
• especially Haruhi Suzumiya
• My Little Pony
• Yogscast
• Steven Universe
• Adventure Time
• Five Nights at Freddie's
• The Walking Dead (video game)

Favourite Visual Artist
Slugbox, Arina Tanemura, Drew Milward, GENk, Suzunosuke
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
In This Moment, Akiakane, Bring Me The Horizon
Favourite Games
Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 3, The Walking Dead, Spyro (PS1)
Tools of the Trade
Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS5

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CaomhaStudent General Artist
hey hon, how much for discord emotes
ShellahxHobbyist Digital Artist

Hello! :wave:

Discord emotes would be the same as my Twitch emote prices; assuming you mean the little characters I create. They are up to £22 for a full detailed one. Simpler is potentially cheaper. :nod:

Next make "Hearth's Warming is killing us!", plz

It's a horror show up here, Darling!

Twilight Sparkle:
Yeah! How could you let this happen?

Father Hearth's Warming:
Me? I didn't do this.
But guess what, Princess of "BOOKS"?
Hearth's Warming Eve did!

Father Hearth's Warming:
♪ Each bell would peal with a silvery zeal ♪
♪ as the holiday feeling was filling us. ♪
♪ But now instead all we're feeling is dread ♪
♪ because Hearth's Warming is killing us! ♪

♪ Each Hearth's Warming list gets us more and more pissed ♪
♪ till the thought of existence is chilling us. ♪

Father Hearth's Warming:
♪ I'll tell you what, shove your list up your butt ♪
♪ because Hearth's Warming is killing us! ♪

♪ But can't you see that what you do is a dream come true? ♪

Pinkie Pie:
♪ Can't you see that every smile makes it all worthwhile? ♪

Father Hearth's Warming:
♪ No, screw you. ♪
♪ It's all but through. ♪
♪ There's too much to do. ♪
♪ All those dreams are nightmares ♪
♪ and blank icy stares! ♪


All Mane 6:

Father Hearth's Warming:
♪ Each little elf used to fill up a shelf ♪
♪ making playthings and selflessly thrilling us. ♪
♪ Now they're on crack, and it feels like Iraq ♪
♪ because Hearth's Warming is killing us! ♪

♪ Each model train only heightens the pain ♪
♪ of a workload that's draining and drilling us. ♪

Father Hearth's Warming:
♪ Fingers all bleed and look, that guy just peed ♪
♪ because Hearth's Warming is killing us! ♪

Rainbow Dash:
♪ But can't you see our point of view? We rely on you. ♪

♪ Can't y'all see that Hearth's Warming cheer gets us through the year? ♪

Father Hearth's Warming:
♪ My whole crew is black and blue. ♪
♪ Can't you take a clue? ♪
♪ You may think I look great, but I'm 28. ♪


All Mane 6:

Father Hearth's Warming:
♪ Each jingle bell is a requiem knell. ♪
♪ And while you think it's swell we are toiling in Hell. ♪
♪ Take a look, you can tell as a man I'm a shell ♪
♪ because Hearth's Warming is killing us! ♪
♪ Killing us! ♪
♪ Hearth's Warming is killing us! ♪
Happy birthday 
SailorMoonFanGirlHobbyist Artist
happy birthday :) :hug:
Happy Birthday! :D :D
Luna-GamesHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday! Day128 - Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Sini :happy birthday: