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Hello, as I have got a few votes for my competition entry now, I thought I would do a raffle/competition to say "Thanks for voting" & "Please VOTE for me"

-A personalized chibi made by me. Similar to example below

-Go to… and make an account (it takes about 1 minute) Then once activated, click VOTE.
-Take a screen shot of your vote. This has to be of the whole window and must show the "voted" button and your username also.
-Send the screen shot to OR Note me with a link to it.
-I will respond with a confirmation email of your entry as soon as I can.

-IF you have already voted, you CAN still enter. Sign in and go to my entry then screen shot that page. It should include the above details.

-Any number of votes is acceptable. It is one vote per account but the more you vote the higher your chance of winning :D
-Entries must be email only, do not fb message your screen shot eyc.
-Abide by Talent Call rules.
-Do not fake your vote or delete your vote after making it. I WILL be keeping track.

-I will be numbering your entry to this raffle by assigning a number in the order of the recieved emails.
-I will be using to generate the winning number.
-You have until the end of the 'Artist in a floating world' voting period to send me your screen shots.
-If you win, you will be notified by email on the 2nd of may.
-Please give me time to draw your prize, art is difficult for me hehe.

If you have any questions, message me here or email me at

Thank you once again for your support. Feel free to share my competition.

xX ♥ Xx
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please Please PLEASE vote for my entry here:… ! Though its not as good as it could be (its completely unfinished and rushed) please vote anyway. If I get enough votes, I will finish it and make it as good as I can, cause currently its rubbish lmao! If you would like to give me a boost in votes, you are able to make multiple accounts and vote extra (an account takes like 2 mins to set up) you can then delete these accounts after the comp.

I really really REALLY appreciate the help

Thank you ♥ ♥ ♥

This is the first piece I have done with an actual background, and propper digital painting almost the whole of it was done with next to no practice in these techniques too... So I take this whole experience as good practice and motivation to draw more. And thus, I thank the incredible shilin and Talent Call for creating this competition.

Also, in further support (if you like) please post journals on dA, shares on fb etc. or any other social media. Thanks ever so much again

xX ♥ Xx

2013 Goals, Resolutions + etc. [Updated]

Hyo, Mist here!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! And how is everyone doing?

I've been pretty inactive and rubbish with art and dA in general, sorry for this. I've decided to change this. The last couple of years have been really stressful and horrible and I have neglected quite a few things like drawing and friendships. I wish to start enjoying the things I used to enjoy. Turn over a new leaf if you will.
Enough rambling! This year things are going to change, I've had enough bad things to last me 10 years so I'ma gunna change that!

2013 Resolutions: ☆Stop procrastinating!
☆Draw more!
☆Get fit!

I WILL do these things!

Goals: ☆Don't put things off, do them sooner rather than later and make them enjoyable.
☆Draw every day. Even if it's just a 5 minute doodle.
☆Gain confidence and (hopefully) improve with drawing.
☆At least 1 completed piece of art per month! 12 minimum completed pieces by the end of 2013.
☆Make up for owed art.
☆Walk more, swim more, weekly KFM, BMX more, more sit-ups!
☆Eat more fruit & veg and less biscuits >< Smaller portions!

So art wise I will update this journal entry every few days with what exercise/drawing I've done and perhapse post some of the drawings to tumblr/fb and the better ones on dA!
So please bug me to draw and stuff!

Draw every day:
D1 - 11/1/13: 7 ish minute doodle (possible concept for a finished piece)
D2 - 12/1: 8 mins of 2min figure drawing (posemaniacs)
D3 - 13/1: Random doodles 5 mins
D4 - 14/1: Spent a lot of time on a plan/sketch/W.I.P for New year. W.I.P Plan here…
D5 - 15/1: More work on True Medusa (decided to scrap it and start again). Also worked on something I owe
D6 - 16/1: Doodling, went back to original True Medusa (TM)
D7 - 17/1: More work on TM
D8 - 18/1: Created + Uploaded this practice
D9 - 19/1: Doodling 10 mins
D10 - 20/1: Tiny bit more work on TM
D11 - 21/1: Did a few small practices nothing much :(
D12 - 22/1: Scrapped and re-did some of TM
D13 - 23/1: Doodles 7 mins
D14 - 24/1: Nothing :'( was at work then went to hospital appoint then out and went to bed! Sorry, I will make up for it!
D15 - 25/1: Tiny bit more on TM (not much time again)
D16 - 26/1: " "
D17 - 27/1: Some doodles and Gesture Drawings 10 mins
D18 - 28/1: Did some texture practice
D19 - 29/1: Redid some TM
D20 - 30/1: More on stuff I owe
D21 - 31/1: Came up with some concepts
January Overview
Less done than I was hoping but drew almost everyday. Jan finished piece is still in progress but I still intend to get it done ASAP. I feel I have made very little progress... :( I will do better in Feb

D22 - 1/2: Nout sorry, work then hospital, dinner, KFM then exhaustion :P
D23 - 2/2: A couple of traditional doodles while in bed unwell(another busy day)
D24 - 3/2: Filled pages with both free and plotted circles and lines. As shown… and
D25 - 4/2: Doodling
D26 - 5/2: Nout again, very very busy day including some allergy testing, joy!
D27 - 6/2: Spent all day working, but did some research, references and a couple of small practises.
D28 - 7/2: Doodling
D29 - 8/2: Concepts
D30 - 9/2: Out all day
D31 - 10/2: Plotted out a new final piece
D32 - 11/2: Did more of plan
D33 - 12/2: Did scales practice for TM - completely unsatisfied with result :(
D34 - 13/2: Doodles
D35 - 14/2: Tried more types of scales, still not happy
D36 - 15/2: More circles and lines.
D37 - 16/2: Lost all confidence again, did nothing... I feel really bad about it :S
D38 - 17/2: Same as above
D39 - 18/2: Doodles
D40 - 19/2: Circles and lines
D41 - 20/2: Double shift, no time.
D42 - 21/2: Double shift, Uni stuff (took ages), no time
D43 - 22/2: Developed on a concept
D44 - 23/2: Work then out all day
D45 - 24/2: Got annoyed with TM, re did some again.
D46 - 25/2: Did some more work on TM
D47 - 26/2: Came up with another concept
D48 - 27/2: Finished Scales on TM
D49 - 28/2: Did second snake mouth
Febuary Overview
Spent too many days being too busy and stressed about Uni stuff. I REALLY NEED TO GET MY HEAD INTO IT!!!! Dissappointed

D50 - 1/3: Uploaded TM W.I.P to Tumblr… . I got a lot of pain in my ear so avoided comp.
D51 - 2/3: Felt like poo!
D52 - 3/3: Really bad ear pain, headache, eyes sore and slight cold
D53 - 4/3: Got anti-biotics for bad ear infection.
D54 - 5/3: Same as above, great start to March, eh?
I will be completely honest... I have only done small amounts of art all month because I have beem unwell a lot on and off this month. So my only achievement for March is that I am close to finishing my Medusa piece. Obvs I am no good with resolutions haha but please be patient with me, I will try harder in the future, definitely.

Has anyone else got any resolutions and goals for 2013? If so comment it would be nice to hear!
Thank you for reading and take care <3 :D

xX <3 Xx
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