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InDefiance Part 1
Chapter 1
“Guys I don’t think this is gonna work.” Wilson Arnett said to his soon-to-be former band mates, Simon Foster, Jake Black, and Kevin Johnston.
Wilson had been up to this point in the position of vocalist to their band Phoenix Process; a Grunge rock band he joined a few months ago. He’d been jumping from band to band trying to find a sound that works with his tastes, but in his area all the bands forming are trying to jump on the Nirvana, Alice In Chains bandwagon of sludgy, down tempo grunge. He wanted something faster, heavier, more metal. Something that seemed to be dying now in 1996 because all the bands that he grew up listening to in the 80’s are going down the path of simpler riffs and more accessible sound.
“What’re you talking about, Wil?” Kevin, their guitarist asked as he turned the volume of his guitar down.
“I mean I think I’m looking for a different sound.”
“Wanna try a different s
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Through the Eyes of the Enemy Chapter 4
At 6:30 in the morning November 30 after his first attack Jonathan is sitting in front of an open phone book, dangling a Sharpie over it's pages. This is how he decided to pick his victims. By his estimation this is the most inconspicuous way to conduct this experiment. If there's no pattern there's no way to track him.
Across his kitchen up against the wall was his small, fourteen inch television displaying the morning local news. He's been up since 5:00AM perusing the various news stations looking for himself. He'll wait and watch for as long as it takes to see the first report.
He looks down at the paper and drops the marker, it marks the name of his next victim. Stanley Vick, 2365 Riverwood Gate. He writes the name down on a pad he keeps with him and walks into his den after turning off his kitchen TV to get more comfortable. Roughly two hours later he gets what he was waiting for.
"This is a channel seven news report because the news is happening now. Good morning, Mort Perkins re
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Through the Eyes of the Enemy Chapter 3
November 28 11:00AM that dank side street that housed the diner Jonathan used to begin his experiment was alight with flashing red, blue, and white lights of the various emergency vehicles that now crowded the entire block. The clouded and faded windows of the buildings surrounding the diner sparkled almost from the rain droplets that clung to their surface being illuminated as the rain continued to pelt down to the ground. Each entering and exiting intersection was quarantined off with four officers stationed at each one. Both intersections filled with news reporters and crews filming.
A dark Grey Dodge Charger approached the intersection and pulled up to the sawhorse barricade where an officer was standing. The drivers side window rolled down and the officer bent down to greet its driver.
"I.D.?" The officer asked as he looked in the window at the driver and passenger.
The driver and passenger both pulled out their wallets and presented them to the officer. Warren Blake and Curtis Wh
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Legend Of The Ice King: The Lords of Antaris CH1
With the story over Samson and Avery’s grandfather, Thaleus closed the large leather bound book and set it on the table next to the chair he was sitting in. The two boys aged seven and ten winters old sat on the floor at their grandfather’s feet. He was the one raising them since their father, Kreon left to find Polaris 4 seasons ago; a fact that has weighed heavily on his heart, knowing that it was a fruitless endeavour. No one has ever left for Polaris and returned.
“So that’s where father went?” Avery questioned.
“Yes, but he was a fool. No one can find Polaris. It doesn’t exist. And you will do well to dispel these stories as fairytales. The Ice King isn’t real.” He responded sternly.
“But where did the story come from?” Samson asked.
“Someone made it up long ago in the past.”
“Enough. This is over. Now go to bed it’s dark out” Thaleus cut off Samson before he could pr
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Street Lethal CH:2
At 8:45 the next morning Sid was awoken by his phone going off. Someone was calling him. Probably Max Barnes, his friend from College. Groggily he pushed himself up to see where he left his phone and grabbed it from where it sat buzzing and ringing. He answered it as he sat up in bed.
“Hey… Max?” He croaked, still half asleep.
“Yah, bro. What the fuck did you do to your car, man? You royally fucked the oil pan up!”
“I was racing last night, and hit a big bump going way faster than the suspension could compensate for. I’ll be over as soon as I can to help fix it and readjust my shocks. I’ll get ready real quick and head over.” He said getting up and grabbing some clothes from his dresser.
“Alright, I’ll see you soon.”
“Yeah, see ya.” With that Sid hung up and got dressed and ready to leave. A couple minutes later he left his apartment and locked his door then walked down the hall and stairs to the lobby
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Street Lethal CH:1
"Hey! You know you missed that graduation ceremony right, Sid?" Mr. Portmann asked the young man standing beneath a car up on the hydraulic lift. He was the last person in the Auto shop. All his classmates left over two hours ago for the event.
"Eh, my time is better spent here anyways." The student retorted, not looking away from his work. He was finishing up some suspension work on his Black 1986 Toyota Supra.
"Well your time is up. I have to lock up the shop for the summer. So finish quickly." He said as he walked away back into the office to retrieve the bay door keys. He began shutting off the lights too.
"It's a good thing I'm done then, huh?" Sid responded as he cleared the floor of tools and lowered the car to put the wheels back on. He buzzed them on quickly and dropped the car to the ground and retracted the lift arms. Once finished he walked over to the wash basin at the side of the room and cleaned up. He then backed the Supra out into the courtyard as Mr. Portmann closed t
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The Legend Of The Ice King
Many centuries ago there was a man whose name has been lost to the ages. He received a vision from the gods of a castle in a frozen land made of ice. The gods told him to go from his home and not stop even at the Northern coast. He must continue far beyond the northwaves to Polaris, the land of snow and ice and unimaginable cold. So he set out on this journey to find the castle. His journey took him far from home in the village of Asen on the Drakon penninsula. Through the Black Forest where he spent a season navigating the untamed land. Across the Great River that splits the whole continent in half, over the Kaliun mountain and into the Windir valley where he had to follow the mountain range north. Three winters passed in the valley before he reached the far north coast village of Blashyrk. There he purchased a boat to take him further. He set out into the water of the Abbathian ocean heading for the icelands from his vision. For half a season he sailed, bearing the increasing cold an
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InDefiance Band Profile
Band: InDefiance
Genre: Progressive Thrash metal
Years active: 1996-2002, 2014-present
(Ages given circa 1996)
Artist profiles:
Wilson Arnett
Position: Lead Vocals, Lyrics
Birthday: July 20 1974
Age: 22yrs.
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 170lbs
Appearance and Attire: Long curly black hair (think 80’s Joey Belladona), jeans and t-shirts, clean shaven
Influences: Heathen, King Diamond, Anthrax, Judas Priest, etc.
Wilson was introduced to metal at an early age because his best friend Jeffery Miller’s dad was in a band and when ever he was there something was blaring out from the garage, so by the age of 9 he had a grasp on quality metal. His first album was Judas Priest’s “Sad Wings of Destiny”. After that he sought bands with that had the “True Sound” of the style. By 16 he was in and out of small local bands that didn’t live up to his standards. 5 years of garage bands that wanted to be Nirvana he gave up trying to find a band
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Through the Eyes of the Enemy: Chapter 2
Jonathan was normal. Or at least that's what he'd have you believe. Throughout his childhood he kept to himself, he didn't really have any friends. He couldn't stand the immaturity of his peers. He would be best described as far more mature than his age, even cold towards others. Through all his schooling he only had a couple friends and even then he stayed distant from them. His grades were never an issue, he aced nearly all his courses, and in fact skipped his final two years of high school and went right to university with a full scholarship.
While at university he studied accounting and business finance. After which he acquired a job at a real estate finance company where he managed to quietly siphon off just under five million dollars over roughly eight years of employment. Once he made sure no one caught on he left the company and moved across the country.
However this meant that he suddenly had more time then he knew how to substantiate. So he started reading. What called his at
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Through the Eyes of the Enemy: Chapter 1
November 26, 10:30PM. Jonathan Michael Fatel is walking hurriedly through the torrential downpour along a mostly deserted street on the south side of Huston. He passes by a multitude of warehouses and labour-worn factories before stopping outside Joey's Diner, a seedy old greasy spoon designed like a 1950's idealised restaurant squeezed in between a paper mill and a shipping yard. Along with some low income apartments covered so thickly in ancient graffiti that the original colour of these building has been masked by the signature of the hood rat; Joey's has not stood the test of time much better than its neighbours since its inception in the eighties when the area was less bleak.
He stands outside the restaurant in a rubber cloak and hood; being illuminated only by the dim yellow glow of the street lights, the light glinting off his glasses, staring up through the dirty windows at the middle-aged waitress sitting at the counter. The look in Jonathan's cold Grey eyes suggested a discon
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Lil Bit Of Everything by xBishopOfChaoSx Lil Bit Of Everything :iconxbishopofchaosx:xBishopOfChaoSx 12 4

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Psychosis: Part 4 (Antisepticeye)
Jack had managed to only doze off for a few minutes before a male nurse returned to check on him.
Jack was startled awake by the nurse calling his name. His sky blue eyes looked at the ceiling first and then over at the nurse. “Yes?”
“Good, glad ta see you’re awake. Do ya remember who I am?”
Jack had a confused look on his face. “No, I don’t, why would I? I didn’t wake up until a few minutes ago.”
The nurse looked extremely concerned all of a sudden. “My name is Andrew Darcy and ya actually were awake about an hour ago.” Andrew paused to let his words sink in and watched Jack for any change in behavior.
Jack was hit with a sudden realization as to why he had been restrained to his bed. Anger started to well up inside him as he thought of the implications. His eyes flashed green for a second and he forced himself to calm down. With a pained expression he leaned back against the bed and closed
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Psychosis: Part 3 (Antisepticeye)
Jack’s blue eyes flew open in response to a searing hot pain that coursed through his right bicep and left thigh. He slowly turned his head to see blood pouring forth from a large cut on both limbs. It had already started to make a small red pool on his bedroom floor.  He had to act fast or he was going to bleed to death. With considerable effort Jack pushed himself up off the ground using his good arm. He reached into his back pocket to find that his cell was still there. With a quick motion he pulled it out and dialed 999.
A dispatcher with a calm and pleasant voice answered after the second ring. “999 what is your emergency?”
“Hello, I’ve been cut and need medical assistance.”
“Alright, how old are you?”
“I’m 26.”
“Ok, what is your current address?”
Jack quickly gave the address with a less than calm tone.
“Sir, everything will be ok. We’re sending an ambulance your way. They will be there
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Psychosis: Part 2 (Antisepticeye)
Jack groaned in discomfort as he opened his bright blue eyes. He was lying face down on a cold bleach-white floor. With a considerable amount of effort he pushed himself up off the ground and stood up. He slowly raised a hand to his head and then froze when he realized that he wasn’t in his room anymore.
The whole area around him was a mix of monochromatic whites, greys, and black coloring. It looked like something from a cartoon or maybe a game he’d played in the past. As he looked down at himself he saw that his skin and clothes were still their normal color. This didn’t help too much in calming his nerves though.
“What is this place?” Jack’s voice seemed to echo off invisible walls. He turned in a confused circle looking for a door or something that would lead him from this place. Instead he spun right into what he thought was a mirror image of himself. Then it talked on its own and made him stumble backwards out of fright.
“Do you like it?
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Psychosis: Part 1 (Antisepticeye)
“Jack…JACK! Wake up dammit!”
Jack woke up in a panic. He fell from his bed and hit the floor with a loud THUD! “Ow! Jesus…What the hell is going on!?” He looked across the room to see a video call open on his monitor. Mark had been screaming his name. “What do you want? Why did you wake me?” Jack was mildly perturbed at Mark for waking him from his nap.
“Jack, there is something wrong with you.” Mark sounded like he was terrified of something.
“What the hell are you going on about? There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m fine.” He slowly stood up off the ground and walked over to his desk.
“Have you even watched your recent video? Robin messaged me saying how you had gone off the deep end. He was scared for his life!”
Jack shook his head in disbelief. He hadn’t had a chance to watch the video yet. He’d been feeling miserably sick to his stomach after recording earlier so he sent what
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So I've reread my entire Through the Eyes of the Enemy story and I've concluded that I don't like the ending. Which means that I'm going to be rewriting the last chapter as well as adding new chapters. So far there are at least 7 more chapters planned with more possible depending on what I decide to do with the story.

The main change will be that I plan on writing the police investigation side of the story, and having Jonathan be successful with the events from chapter 7 which is being rewritten.
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