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Zecora in striped socks

Zecora in striped socks
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next make a plane pony and a battleship pony and then the cirgle is compleated...
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when it comes to socks on ponies I really am not a fan of the 2 colored stripe things its just clashes so much but this, this is perfect this is extremely good the way they compliment her design is amazing this is the rare time stripe socks are the best this is my fave socks on pony picture ever.
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Thank you! Yes, socks requires some clever choice of color. Actually socks are things that highlights volume and roundness of legs.

I found a bit funny word play that striped horse wears striped socks.
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I can't say I've seen this before, and I honestly wish I thought of this sooner :D

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Thanks! Yes, striped black-white horsie in striped black-white  socks is pretty rare drawing 
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