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Twilight And Staff Pony the movie

30min Challenge
Twilight And Staff, scene from "My Little Pony: The Movie"
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her face looks sort of chubby... SOOO CUTEEE X3X3X3
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She will rise again and absolve us of our sins
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“I’m Mary Poppins y’all!”
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I swear i could of sworn this image was moving O_o my eyes playing tricks on me?

Amazing Art :)
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Thank you! Actually, author of this frame layout done half of work for me, do define composition, depth, and amplify movement. I just have added more depth and lighs  :)
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This scene was amazing and this drawing is beautiful.  :)
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Thank you! Yes, this is very impessive moment in the movie
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bruh, very good.
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Thanks! Also, I have big applejack, maybe you like these differently sized ponies :3…
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Not big enough of a size difference. 
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