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Smiling Twilight Sparkle and Crying Rainbow Dash

Twilight is actually a good-hearted pony, but she may not always notice emotions of her friends

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This is why Twilight should have been given a villain arc, she's so cute and already has some dark side experience.
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Why do I love this so much?? XD
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Twi's face tho... Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3]
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Your tears are delicious! 
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Aww poor RD. :( On the bright side, at least rain makes more rainbows and Pinkie warned Twilight that it was going to rain.

Pinkie Pie Smile Icon 2*twitch*twitch*twitch*Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1Rain INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!!
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Has Pinkie found any more duzies?
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stupid princess forgot about her friends D:
Also if she was as smart as she claims, then she would have known that violence is not the answer most of the time. She should have talked about the culture situation with her interactions with both Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis. If by doing so, she would have found out who the true villains were.
I actually would have liked to see that in the cannon of the show.
It looks like Twilight is rejoicing in Dash's tears.
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I know Twilight can sometimes not-quite-pick up on another pony's emotional state, but how does she notice the drops falling on her and not notice that it's RD crying...?

Oh, well; it's a well-done pic just the same :)
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the last time it was rainbow!
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Хоия идея зпбааная.
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Твайлайт тут как пластмассовая)
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Хотел сделать мокрой :]
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