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Sleeping Twilight Sparkle with alarm clock

Sleeping Twilight Sparkle with alarm clock
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I wonder how that feels, the phone vibrating on her mane?
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Actually I don't know and even don't know how to check because I have short hair :)
*rubs her belly gently*
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too tired to awake, you can rub more intensive
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Aw funny and adorable
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Sleeping Twi is most adorable 
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Even most persistent book readers need some sleep
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I imagine this as the day after her and her friends saving equestria just too tired to give a dang. this was also how i was last night sleeping lol letting the fan cool me all over. ^^
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Hi, botpony!
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Do you sleep without blanket too? :3
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...I thought you drew pubic hair on her but it was your signature lol. I  had my eyebrow raised for a minute there lol
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Lol! It's hillarious!
Thanks, it goes unnoticed for me. I better remove it, it spoils image a bit
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