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Princess Flurry Heart Large Wings

Not sure about proportions
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It's Princess Pink Wide Wings!

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I've already given up on watching FiM a long time ago [after Twi became an alicorn; I could see where it was going and I didn't like it], but when this ["Flurry Heart"] surfaced...all I had to say was It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon).

[Too. Many. Fucking. Alicorns.]
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How do those GIANT wings and horn fit on her TINY body?
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Very ease, you could think in reversed way: her tiny body attached to giant wings and horn. She is magic princess, so she can afford it.
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Kill it. Kill it with fire.
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Flurry heart reminds me of Dumbo. 
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that's why you shouldn't breed a unicorn with a pegasus (that's what cadence originally are =b) , You'll have a unigasus Lol 
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NOW I see why alicorns on Earth were hunted to near extinction.
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Its gonna be sickening. Just you wait and see. The Show's ESSENCE of Mary Sue has arrived.
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Well, sofar she almost destroyed a kingdom, not very Mary sue like, if her powers gonna be a hindrance instead of an asset, she could be hell of an interesting character. Twi also was quite powerful as a foal, but we never got to see any of the shenanigans she got into, as the show started after she grew up. Sure, we got flutterbat and the s4 finale, where she struggled with her magic, but nothing like, for example Steven universe: catfingers, watermelon Steven, floating, body swapping... All the stuff, twi is too experienced and the crusaders too weak for.
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you guys realize Cadence gave birth to that right? O~o 
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I cant imagine the pain that Cadence went through...
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That's one UGLY baby.....
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Yeeeeeah, I saw the video... That's one *ugly* baby.

That's what happens when you suddenly throw a 'baby alicorn princess' with ''stupidly cartoonish'' proportions, and huge globular ''adorable'' eyes, on such a small frame.

I will take the Cakes' babies ANY day over whatever that thing is... -_-
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And you just had to say it xDDDD
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had to be doneThat Brow 
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Oh dont gimme that look young miss xDDD
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Cadence is gonna be mad when she sees this. lol jk
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Oh I get it. It's sort of like when Dumbo's ears flapped out after he sneezed for the first time! I totally get the reference. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they were going for with the promo! 
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Proportions? Never heard of them XD
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