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Morning Twilight Sparkle with cup of coffee

Morning Twilight Sparkle with spread wings and cup of coffee
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Coffee: a true best friend that will give you the very charge you need. ;D 
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BEautiful work
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww omg, there is something that I love so much about the way you did this, you really went all out for the fluff in this one, omg floofy Twi is the best in here, definitely her sleep essence with the expression she has & the waft of coffee heh. Also the effects of magic is really cool in here, has a unique look with it which is really sweet. Overall very soothing, love her ruffled mane tooo <33333
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Yep, morning ponies before  makeup  are super-duper cute
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lol yep the day doesn't exist until that first cup of coffee. 
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Looks like some wake and bake for Miss Princess to me...
A little Canterlot Herb, my dear? *puff puff*
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Her cutie mark looks really cool!
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Thanks! Well, it is Twilight Sparkle's cutie :) I draw it from memory, so it a bit different from original
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Love the feel of fluffiness in the morning. Feels like cuteness ^_^
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Even princesses have their cute morning non-public moments
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Thannks! Twilight sparkle happy to hear this :)
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Thanks! ^_^
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